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Black Nike Roshe Runs

Black Nike Roshe Runs

Black Nike Roshe Runs

Don't like the idea of sunscreen in your hair? The Specialized Deflect UV Beanie is made from a fabric that is moisture wicking and has a UV protection factor (UPF) of 50. $25

Black Nike Roshe Runs

Black Nike Roshe Runs

Dermatologists recommend Mission Sun Defeated Continuous Spray 50. It's easy to I apply (especially on your scalp), water resistant for 80 minutes, and paraben free. $10/5 oz.

Less worrisome but just as sobering, a staggering 90 percent of skin changes the fine lines and wrinkles that we attribute to just getting older caused by the sun.

If you ride in anything that's not synthetic, throw it into the laundry with a packet of Sun Guard powder. Your duds will offer UPF 30 protection for up to 20 washings. $3/1 oz.

She had melanoma. "I was young and fit and thought I was doing everything right," she says. "But I never thought to put sunscreen on my back. I assumed my jersey was enough."

Though the lesion required a deep surgical cut, Neben had caught it in time. "I was the first cyclist I knew of who went through this," she says. But she is hardly alone. In the last three decades, more people have had skin cancer than all other cancers combined, according to data from the Skin Cancer Foundation. And between 2000 and 2009, cases of melanoma (the deadliest form of Nike Roshe Run White

In August 2007, Amber Neben's husband noticed that she had a mole on her back. Something about it irregular shape, the mottled color off. After observing it for a couple of months, Neben, then 32 and a two time Olympian and world time trial champion, went to a dermatologist and got the diagnosis everyone dreads: Nike Roshe Price In Rands

Too much sun can also affect your ability to ride well. Your skin plays a key role in regulating your body temperature through sweating and evaporative cooling. A severe sunburn can block sweat glands and lead to overheating. And when blood rushes to the sunburned skin as part of the healing process, it can cause the body to lose heat and feel chilled. The upshot? Riding becomes more difficult and less enjoyable, and your performance suffers.

Black Nike Roshe Runs

the disease) rose steadily by almost 2 percent a year. It's also the most common type of cancer in people ages 25 to 29.

Black Nike Roshe Runs

Black Nike Roshe Runs

Black Nike Roshe Runs

´╗┐How to Prevent and Recognize Skin Cancer

to the sun, it's worse: UV radiation increases nearly 5 percent with every thousand feet above sea level.

Black Nike Roshe Runs

Black Nike Roshe Runs

Numerous studies have shown that regular exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun leads to an increased risk of melanoma and that outdoor endurance athletes are particularly susceptible to skin cancers. While there is little research on cyclists specifically, we are clearly vulnerable given the sheer amount of time they spend outside, says Prentice Steffen, MD, physician for Team Garmin Sharp. One study published in the journal Dermatology found that during eight stages of the Tour de Suisse, riders were exposed to levels of harmful UV radiation that were 30 times more than recommended limits. Several factors compound the risk, say experts, including sweat, which increases the skin's sensitivity to UV radiation.

The benefits of riding a bike far outweigh these risks, but only if you take steps to protect yourself. Luckily, it's not hard. Here's what to do.

Use More Than You Think You Need

Dermatologists recommend putting on sunscreen 20 minutes before a ride. Ideally, you should reapply every one to two hours, so carry some in your jersey pocket on all day rides to use at water breaks, intersections, or rest stops. If you ride at a high altitude, be even more vigilant. "Cycling in the mountains is like sitting on the beach at noon in Florida," says Brian Adams, MD, a sports dermatologist Black Nike Roshe Runs at the University of Cincinnati. In fact, because you are literally closer Roshe For Ladies

A study in a 2012 issue of the journal Clinical and Experimental Dermatology found that only when people were instructed to apply sunscreen in two separate doses did they use enough to get the full effectiveness of the product. "I tell my patients to apply, wait 20 minutes, and apply again," Berger says. "The double dose forces them to do it right."

Black Nike Roshe Runs

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