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II. Required Steps:

Nike Roshe Black And White Mens

Nike Roshe Black And White Mens

Nike Roshe Black And White Mens

Nike Roshe Black And White Mens

5. Locate the program of Microsoft Office.

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Nike Roshe Black And White Mens

6. Click on Microsoft Office. (After clicking Microsoft Office, another list will appear.)

8. Click on the Microsoft Word 2003 Program.

Nike Roshe Black And White Mens

3. Click the green start icon by Nike Roshe Run Jordan

For one of the major Roshe Mango

4. Place the pointer in the lower left corner of the box; it says All Programs with a green arrow. (Automatically a list will appear when the pointer is placed on All Programs.)

Nike Roshe Black And White Mens

1. Place index finger on the mouse pad. (Located in the center of the lower area of the computer.)

´╗┐How to Open a Word Document

Nike Roshe Black And White Mens

7. Locate the Program Microsoft Word 2003.

Materials used for this operation is a computer that is already up and running and basic skills of computer literacy.

2. Move the pointer to the lower left hand corner to the green start icon.

up my laptop and click away to open a word document, but it is actually a some what difficult to write instructions for the process. I think that Instructions was the most difficult assignment for me. It is hard for me to understand how in detail I had to be because some do not have a clue on how to open a document on a computer.

9. Wait for the blank word processor document to appear on your screen.

Nike Roshe Black And White Mens

using your index finger and lightly tapping the mouse pad. (After clicking the green start icon a box will appear.)

III. By following the above steps a person can create word documents. If troubleshooting does occur please repeat the above steps.

assignments we had to write instructions for any type of device. I chose to instruct others on how to write a word document using Microsoft Office. Microsoft Word is a popular word processor that is part of the Microsoft Suite. Some advantages of Microsoft Word is spell check, a thesaurus, and clip art. The purpose of the Microsoft Word is for the use of any type of writing. Microsoft Word is a word processor program Nike Roshe Black And White Mens from Microsoft. It was originally written by Richard Brodie for computers running DOS in 1983. Later versions were created for the Apple Macintosh (1984), SCO UNIX, and Microsoft Windows (1989). It became part of the Microsoft Office soon after.

I felt that this was a good experience to learn how to write instructions. I feel that this is a necessary skill to learn because sometime in life one of us is going to have to write instructions or give commands. I enjoyed writing the process of how to open a word document. I thought that it wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. It is so easy to just open Roshe Run 2018 Women

Nike Roshe Black And White Mens

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