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Do I give 60 days notice that I will not renew lease and to vacate by lease end?

Tenant is loud late at night in shared common areas

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Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

Stop allowing this and take control and get rid of him.

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes Tenant pet caused damage to multiple doors and windows. When discussing (telling tenant that damage must stop), tenant raised voice and used profanity, refusing to crate or resolve pet damage problem. After another pet incident on another day, tenant again used profanity. This time, I told tenant that I can be responsible for the pet. The pet needs to stay in tenant room/area of house, and that using that language is not appropriate. Tenant was told to find a way to stop the pet damage or find another place to live. Tenant tried to bring up personal attacks, like "you inconsiderate." My response was that if you not happy here, you don have to stay. but if you stay, the pet damage has got to stop.

Tenant is messy and does not participate in agreed "roommates take turns cleaning"

But the second issue is this: You have tolerated this bad behavior since the beginning. From your description, the tenant has been in control all along. When you allow the behavior to continue and don insist on payment for damages, or require adherance to policy, then you are saying you are ok with it.

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

Check your lease agreement and your local laws, and take the appropriate action to ensure that the agreement is terminated on the end date of the lease. You have no obligation to extend any further than that (and may have cause to terminate early, but again, that will depend on how the lease is written and how obvious it is that he broke the rules).


Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

Tenant damaged property during move in (in the $500 range, deposit was $200 range)

There are two separate issues here.

houseguests stay here (more than a month worth in less than a year)

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No amount of money would make me want to renew.

Basically, tenant has had a bad attitude the whole time, as well as causing damage. I wish to minimize damage that this tenant might do out of spite, and get this tenant out after their lease is over.

´╗┐How to Not Renew Lease

to an extension.

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

For future reference, should I have evicted (could I?) How do you handle immature tenant who use profanity and raise their voice to you? Do you allow them to stay?

First, typically the laws when you rent to someone in your own home are more favorable to the landlord. You can simply notify the tenant of their non compliance with the terms, and begin eviction. In New Hampshire, the Fair Housing laws don even apply to selection of a tenant if the space is in your own home. You don mention your state, so you should check with an attorney who works with landlord tenant issues to be sure of where you stand.

Tenant has been a huge pain all along. Tenant has a long commute, and I said I would consider cutting the lease. Tenant has not found a place yet (tells rooomates they either won accept tenant pet, or other places are too expensive).

While there has not been cause to evict, tenant has been a pain:

Tenant has had excessive Purple Nike Roshe Run Womens

Nike Roshe Boys Shoes

You don say what state you in, but in my state, a typical annual lease requires no notification of termination unless specifically called out in the lease agreement. In other words, unless the lease agreement says you need to give notice to terminate, the default action in my state would be that at the end of the lease term, the lease is automatically terminated unless both parties agree Roshes Nike Shoes For Girls

You definitely don have to allow him to stay, but you have to notify him appropriately. And you don have to wait to the end of the term of the lease since he has violated the terms of the agreement. But you have to do it properly depending on the laws in your state. This will make sure that he doesn have any grounds to win in court. But again, since the rental is in your house, you should have no problem.

Tenant pays each month, but not on exact due date.

I want this tenant gone at the lease Nike Roshe Run Safari

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