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The vote count took longer than usual, despite a record low voter turnout of only 77 per cent.

Nonetheless, Ghiz remained unfazed as he made his way from his home to District 13 headquarters. Ghiz won a comfortable majority in his own riding.

Despite being declared early with a majority, the premier was cautious as he spoke about some of his candidates facing narrow polling numbers.

"You have to remember the rebuilding of the Liberal party started in District 13 back in 2003 when we took on the incumbent mayor and an extremely popular Tory government at the time, and it was you folks that led the recharge for back to back Liberal governments," he told the roomful of riding volunteers and supporters.

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anything that would incriminate any of them. Ghiz's behavior.

said. will be a better place for future generations."

He shook hands with a few people and poured over the poll by poll results for his district before he was swept to the Delta for the big Liberal victory party.

"Honesty and forthrightness won out over division and negativity," he shouted to a large crowd of supporters at the Delta Monday evening.

At least some people will be taken care of, it won't be islanders.

After his speech, he hoisted his daughter Julia on to his shoulders and descended from the stage back into the crowd of cheering Liberals.

Ghiz won a solid majority in Monday's election, beating PC Leader Olive Crane with 22 seats, while the Tories took the remaining five.

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In his victory speech, he said he is not afraid to make tough decisions, even if it means he will have to pay a political price.

present candidates, Ghiz was a celebrity.

As they sat on the couch, Julia posed for photos and squealed when she saw herself on a live television feed.

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"It's a victory so that's a good message. But I guess losing some seats is a message that perhaps in some areas in the province we could have been doing better, but it's still early yet and I'll wait until the final results are all in."

"I can assure each and every one of you we will make decisions based on what is in the best interest of Islanders rather than what is in our best interest," Ghiz Roshe Nike Womens Black

As he broke out into a dance with his two year old daughter Julia, it was clear Premier Robert Ghiz was a happy man Monday evening.

A victory dance for Canada's youngest premier, about to begin his second term in another majority government.

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As the numbers came in, it became clear that, although the Liberals had a victory, it wasn't quite so clear cut in some areas of the province. A number of seats were too close to call for most of the evening.

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Well it looks like another 4years of politicl patronage and favors for buddies and families of buddies, right Mr. Vessey? Perhaps more of your family Nike Roshe Mens Slip On need full time jobs, I am sure you will all be taken very good care of.

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His evening began quietly at home, with his wife Kate and daughters Julia, 2, and Emma, 6 months.

Early results showed some Liberal incumbents in trouble from the get go.

'I never really thought it was in the cards'

We also lost any hope of getting a non partisan investigation into the PNP abuses, I am sure they will find ways to block and burry Nike Roshe Men Custom

Everyone crowded around to watch him walk to the stage, snapping photos and pushing themselves forward to shake his hand or hug him.

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He thanked his volunteers and told them he couldn't have made it as far as he has without them.

"I'm not nervous," she said, eliciting hearty laughs from all.

And although he lost two cabinet ministers when Allan Campbell in Souris Elmira and Neil LeClair in Tignish Palmer Road were defeated, as well as several other narrow Liberal wins, Ghiz was elated with his party's overall victory.

Then, as the music got louder, he put Julia down and started dancing with her and his wife, Kate.

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Walking into the ballroom filled with Liberal supporters, federal Liberal MPs and past and Nike Roshe Run Midnight Blue

"Are you excited, Julia, or are you nervous?" Ghiz asked his daughter.

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