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He was handed 14 years for the firearms offence.

McKenzie ran up to the car, pointed the shotgun through an open window, angled it towards the rear passenger seat, and pulled the trigger.

a firearm with intent to endanger life.

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Remay McKenzie blasted a car with two shots from a sawn off shotgun in Gregory Boulevard on Monday, April 30.

DI Wilson said McKenzie and Alexander had already come across their intended target earlier that day and later decided to strike when they saw him again in the car.

Alexander, 20, formerly of Radford Road, Hyson Green, was sentenced to 11 years for the firearms offence, to run consecutively to a four year sentence he is already serving for riot.

Perhaps I can throw some light on it for you Bill, its just an opinion though.

Following the attack Notts Police Nike Roshe Run 1 flooded the area with extra patrols and detectives examined CCTV and reviewed forensic tests.

The driver crashed the Citroen into parked cars as he tried to speed off, but McKenzie ran after it and fired again, hitting the rear window.

pair off the streets for a lengthy time by accepting a guilty plea to the firearms charges than a protracted trial subject to the vagaries of an eloquent Defence counsel sowing seeds of reasonable doubt and a possible dithering jury and also save you and I, as taxpayers, a considerable amount of cash. I feel they made a reasoned and reasonable decision, you don't, but at least they had all the facts which we do not.

McKenzie and Alexander were arrested and both pleaded guilty to possession of Roshe Women Pink

After the shooting shotgun pellet holes could be seen in the wall of a takeaway near the scene.

McKenzie, formerly of Canterbury Avenue, Radford, was sentenced to a total of 15 years.

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The 22 year old then ran to the nearby Volkswagen Polo driven by Alexander and the pair fled the scene.

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Three men were in a silver Citroen the pair's intended target as it stopped in a queue of traffic at the junction of Gregory Boulevard and Birkin Avenue at about 5.15pm.

He also pleaded guilty to affray and possession of cannabis with intent to supply and received a 12 month sentence for each, to run concurrently with each other and consecutively with the firearms offence.

After missing his target, he jumped in to a car with getaway driver Ashton Alexander, who was on bail at the time awaiting sentence for his part in last summer's riots.

The pair were told by a judge at Nottingham Crown Court yesterday they would be locked up for a total of 26 years.

Possibility two is that with a short weapon such as a sawn off the rear seat passenger tried to push it away and the shooter caught the trigger and it went off before the shooter meant to pull the trigger, and being in close proximity to the rear seat meant the shot didn't have the required distance to spread to any great degree.

rear passenger seat not at a passenger in the rear seat.

Two men who were behind a a targeted shooting which brought terror to one of Nottingham's busiest streets at rush hour have been jailed for a total of 26 years.

According to the report the gun was fired once into the car and once at the rear window as the car fled the scene. Even with a distorted barrel it would be virtually impossible to miss blasting one of the three passangers if that had been the intention. That could have been a basis for a defence. The definition of attempted murder would be a premeditated and deliberate act carried out with the intention of taking a person's life. Obviously the CPS felt that they were far more likely to get this Roshe Nike Blue

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Nike Roshe Run 1

Nike Roshe Run 1

With three people in the vehicle its common sense that one would be in the rear seat, if you saw someone approaching with a weapon your first instinct is to move out of danger, so this is one possibility, the rear passenger moved.

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Victor, perhaps you would care to explain how, given the type of weapon used, did only one person get slightly injured. If the assailant had intended to murder one of the occupants then he would have pointed it directly at his intended victim and discharged it at point blank range thus causing massive injury or death. Either he was a very very incompetent murderer or he intended to give them all a considerable scare or a warning. As far as I can see the Court were told he discharged it at the Nike Roshe Run Mens Blue

Nike Roshe Run 1

´╗┐Hyson Green gunmen jailed for 26 years after shooting gun into car on Gregory Boulevard

"Victor Meldrew" the last people to address me as Lawrenson were my teachers, since those days it has been either Mr Lawrenson, Sir, or Bill. Please extend me the courtesy of using either B Lawrenson or Bill.

Detective Inspector Justine Wilson said: "The men in the car were incredibly lucky not to have been injured.

"The sentences handed down today prove that anyone found in possession of a firearm should expect to go to prison for a significant time."

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"However, this does not detract from the traumatic impact this incident will have had on them, the members of the public who witnessed it, and also the shock caused to the wider community. The incident happened in the middle of rush hour, in broad daylight and in a very busy street."

She added: "Alexander then waited while McKenzie committed the offence before the pair fled Nottingham, showing a blatant disregard for the potential consequences of their actions.

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