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extrapolate net worth. The method is not without its problems.

Similarly, retirement accounts, such as 401 Ks, IRAs and the like, go largely unreported for tax purposes. Vested pension rights also lie beyond the scope of reportable income. The lack of dependable data that would demonstrate who owns what renders any argument calculating wealth disparity virtually useless.

´╗┐Howls from Left s disparity lobby undercut

When assessing where we as a nation stand economically, it would be far more reliable to focus on what people have. Just because Bill Gates has billions and Barack Obama millions does not mean the 99 percent are without assets or income. private enterprise in a competitive market system) has raised the standard of living for just about everyone. That is the critical fact that undermines the whole "disparity" claim.

Most Americans' principal asset is their home, the equity of which represents capital. About 65 percent of all Americans live in the house they own; half own it free and clear of debt. The sale of those principal residences falls for the most part outside of taxable income reporting and thus beyond the Piketty calculations.

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From what I understand, Picketty thesis is that when Interest Rates exceed economic growth the rich will get richer at a faster rate than the poor can rise from poverty. Furthermore, it is almost always the case that people earn more from investments than from labor. The most well known exception to this was post WWII Europe an the United States had New Deal and anti communist economic policies that gave us our greatest rates of growth then. Reaganomics led to the Great Recession of 2008, and only the intellectually bankrupt still embrace Reagan's policies.

While there is material hardship, poverty in America does not for the most part involve being destitute. As Nike Roshe Run Elite

Nike Roshe Run Black Speckle

The first problem is no reliable wealth data exists. People do not by and large report their net worth or make it public. They do report income. Piketty and his associates therefore rely principally on tax returns to Nike Canada Roshe Run

Over the last several years, the issue of income and wealth disparity has re emerged as an issue of political importance. It constitutes the foundation of government programs whose purpose is the redistribution of wealth and income. President Obama speaks frequently about requiring people with high incomes to "pay their fair share," suggesting there is something sinister going on. In a recent MDJ column, Kevin Foley worried himself sick about the alleged growing disparity of wealth and income.

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Nike Roshe Run Black Speckle

Dan Joy is a lawyer in Marietta.

of 2005, 43 percent of those "living in poverty" own their homes compared with about 65 percent of the population as a whole. The average home of those "in poverty" is a three bedroom structure with one and a half baths, a garage and porch or patio, with a median value of just under $100,000.

When the disparity lobby howls, it is principally about income or lack Roshes Girl Shoes

Consider the following numbers: 80 percent of those living in poverty have air conditioning; the average person defined as living in poverty has more living space than the average person in virtually every major European city; 75 percent of those in poverty own at least one car and one third of those have two; 97 percent own at least one color television and half of that number have two or more. The darkest impressions are helpful to get working Americans to support government redistributionist programs. Forty eight million Americans now get food stamps, yet we as a nation make virtually no effort to find out who they are, what they have or on what they spend their food "money." We assume they need food stamps because they are "living in poverty."

Per today's Real Clear Politics averages, the Direction of Country is:

Mr. Foley's a smart guy. Maybe he'll 'splain it to us. economy posted better than expected growth in the second quarter, bouncing back from its worst performance in five years.

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Let's go back to February 24, 2014, and review Mr. Foley's piece, fears Holocaust that relates to the same subject income inequality.

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Notwithstanding the good news (yes, I agree, certain economic metrics are improving), why aren't the folks feeling it?

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Nike Roshe Run Black Speckle

Right Direction: 24.6,

The disparity issue has been with us since the onset of the industrial revolution. In the 19th century, Karl Marx predicted capital would eventually become concentrated in the hands of the few. More recently, French economist Thomas Piketty, in his bestselling book, "Capital in the Twenty first Century," "confirms" the Marx prediction.

How correct Nike Roshe Run Black Speckle are Barack Obama and Thomas Piketty? Has the Marxist prediction been realized? Have the well to do exploited the less well off? Has wealth become the domain of the few? Are many impoverished because others are successful?

MORE JOBS: Firms added 218,000 jobs in July, ADP says

The facts create a different picture. In 2007, the United States Census Bureau reported there were 37 million living in poverty, as the government defines it. That same agency now reports the number living in poverty increased to something in excess of 45 million. Definitions of what constitutes poverty change.

of it. A poll taken about 10 years ago asked persons not in poverty what they understood "living in poverty" to mean. A majority defined poverty as homelessness and hunger.

Wrong Direction: 66.8.

Question for our progressive friends: who deserves credit for the good news you cite?Ok, fine. But, you complain incessantly about how Obama can't get anything done because of the obstructionist Republicans in congress.

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