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Nike Roshe Run Brown

Nike Roshe Run Brown

Nike Roshe Run Brown

´╗┐How to Quit Your Job in Less Than Six Months Using Real Estate Investing

So today I wanted to share some thoughts on how YOU can quit Roshes Women Black

This might seem to be a strange question to include in a post about quitting your job, but I believe it is fundamentally important to think this one through all the way. You see there are a lot of other options if you don love your job. Going into full time real estate investing should not be the only solution to a bad job.

Nike Roshe Run Brown

Different Paths to Making Full Time Income

There is one essential truth that I harp on all the time (if you listen to the Podcasts, you heard me say it):

When you invest for the future (largely with buy and hold investing) you are re investing your profits back into your business and thinking for the long term. When investing for the future, you cannot simply rely on the money you make from your investments to help sustain you and pay your bills. You must have another source of income.

1.) Real Estate Related Careers

Investing for income and investing for the future are two very different animals. (Click to Tweet This!)

However, before you put in your two weeks notice, let get a few things straight.

So here what I saying: don think that a career in real estate investing is the only choice you have. Do what you love for a career, and invest in real estate for your future.

Nike Roshe Run Brown

So how can people make a full time Nike Roshe Run Brown income from real estate?

Should You Really Quit Your Job and Become Self Employed Or Are There Better Options?

It won be easy. This isn a get rich quick path. This will take commitment, persistence, and maybe even a little bit of luck.

There are a number of different paths, and far more than we can fully cover here (so If you have any additional suggestion, be sure to leave them below in the comments.) I done a few of them, and friends of mine (and colleagues here on BiggerPockets) have done others. Below are just a few of the ways you can earn a living with real estate investing. For a much more thorough list, check out The Top 100 Ways To Make Money In Real Estate.

For example if the idea of talking with troubled homeowners, sending out massive amounts of direct mail, and networking often with established real estate investors sounds like something you hate to do: then don suddenly become a wholesaler because it will get you out of your current job. That just jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. It makes no sense.

That jerk you don like at work and you wanna get away from? Yep he going to be in your real estate investing job too, in some form. That pressure you felt at your job to perform? Yep it going to be there as well. The grass is not necessarily greener on the other side.

Find what you love to do in life more than anything else and do that for a career. If that means teaching high school math teach high school math. If that means traveling the world, then find a job that travels the world. And if that means investing in real estate for a career then invest in real estate for a career.

Nike Roshe Run Brown

One of the first suggestions I give people when they want to quit their job and make real estate their income source is actually not to invest but to find a real estate related career. The reason is fairly obvious: you Nike Roshe Run Camouflage

Nike Roshe Run Brown

I a perfect example of this. I quit my job twice before (Before the crash I quit to flip house then during the collapse of the market, I took the job that I hated.) Now, I invest in real estate AND work a full time job (here at BiggerPockets, helping to maintain and grow the community and co hosting an awesome Podcast.) It not that I don like full time real estate, and I could live entirely off the cash flow on my investments. However I love internet technology, writing, and BiggerPockets even more than dealing with tenants, motivated sellers, and construction projects. So I flip houses still (usually just one at a time) and have dozens of rentals, but I slowed down my day to day pursuit of getting more and more projects and instead focus on buying fewer, but more profitable, properties.

Nike Roshe Run Brown

When you invest for income by doing activities such as wholesaling, flipping, or living off cash flow you are largely unable to your profits back into your deals. Thus, in a way, you aren really even investing you are running a self employed business. There is nothing wrong with running a self employed business (and that, in itself, can be an investment) but understand that when you stop working, the income stops as well.

So, I quit my job and went full time into real estate investing. It wasn always easy, but it was much better than working at the bank.

Because real estate investing, for income, IS a job.

Nike Roshe Run Brown

Do you see the subtle difference?

I believe everyone can, and should, include real estate investing as part of their strategy for retirement and wealth building. However, that doesn always include doing it full time and making an income from it.

Nike Roshe Run Brown

My guess is if you are reading this you probably don fact, according to Forbes nearly 2/3 of Americans are not happy at work. I know I been there I once worked for a large national bank and hated it. I loved the bank, lovedo my co workers, but hated the job itself. The pressure to sell, the pressure to please, and the pressure to perform.

Nike Roshe Run Brown

Now let me clarify something important here: I not suggesting that you should only invest in real estate if you love investing in real estate. I saying only invest in real estate as a career if you love investing in real estate.

your miserable (or not so miserable) job, this year, and embark on a career in real estate investing.

So what do you like to do more than anything else?

If the two are one and the same, Nike Roshe Run Size 7

and you love the idea of using real estate investing as job, then you are ready for the rest of this article.

get to learn the business while making an income doing it. Additionally, you are able to meet investors along the way who will become terrific sources for help in the future. A few of the more common real estate related jobs include being a:

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