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reason for rejecting Bob Orange Nike Roshe Womens

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I saw his kid and wife in our backyard. I told her she had to leave and couldn't be on our property.

In the meanwhile, I hope you doing everything you can to solicit applications from others. In any event, you can always cite his prior record of trespassing on your property as the reason you don want to rent to him.

I had to call the management company, of the apartment next door, and register a complaint, saying that Bob was on our property, filling up a bucket of water and using our water. The management company said they would speak to him about this.

and if I do, what reason do I give Bob?

´╗┐How to tactfully reject this applicant

He has, in the past, parked his car on our property, taking up one of our tenant's spots. We tell him to park on his own side and not on our side.

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So, I am wondering if the complaints I have mentioned above would be considered a valid reason for rejecting his application. Admittedly, the complaints come from me or my tenants, so I wonder if that would be considered bias. The relationship that I have with the landlord next door is not exactly amicable (because we complain so much about his tenants!) and I wonder how up front he will be if I were to ask for a reference.

I do not want to rent to Bob and wanted to ask this list if I have a valid Nike Roshe Run White Mesh

But regardless of which way you do it you need to have a real reason based on your criteria, or you be taking a risk.

Originally posted by Debbie Steinman:

I know that I cannot reject him because he has a kid, but I did see that one of the reasons to reject an application is an unsatisfactory reference from landlords, employers and/or personal references.

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His kid has been seen playing in our back yard and in our driveway. Once again, he is told to stay on his side of the property.

I have an apartment for rent. There is someone (let's call him Bob) who lives in the apartment building next door and he wants to rent my apartment. He has not yet filled out a rental application but he did call me on the phone and said he wants to rent the apartment.

Please offer advice on how to handle this sticky situation. Do I give him a rental application to fill out?

Be up front and honest. You don like the fact that he hasn shown any respect for your property, and that is as a non resident. Why waste his time and yours taking an application that you want to reject up front in the first place? You already have legitimate reason enough not to rent to him based on your own observations. That is not discriminatory in any way. It sounds like you are more scared of the confrontation than anything else. And if he this bad as a neighbor, just think how bad he be as one of your tenants.

One of our tenants said not to rent to him and has complained to us about his kid screaming and making noise.

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He will probably have bad references, bad credit, or something you can use to reject him. Do you have your criteria written up?

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Nike Roshe Run Galaxy White

had complaints from our tenants regarding Bob. One of our tenants said that Bob parks his car on our property and uses our water to wash his car. We have told Bob to stop doing this.

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There is a chance, and I don't know this for sure, but I think Bob has not given notice to his landlord (I think he is waiting for me to give him an application and then when I tell him he is accepted, he will give notice, but this is pure speculation on my part). But if this is the case, (and I think it is) I wonder if I have the right to refuse to rent to him because he isn't really able to move right in or am I required to hold the apartment vacant just because Bob filled out an application first?

Some people here do not give a reason, they just tell them "I taking another applicant". Personally I send them a form letter with the reason checked off.

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Likely his current landlord would love to pass this nuisance off to you. Try checking with his former landlord IF he submits an application. More likely to be an unbiased report as there is no chance of Bob trashing their apartment for giving a bad reference.

The relationship that I have with the landlord next door is not exactly amicable (because we complain so much about his tenants!) and I wonder how up front he will be if I were to ask for a reference.

I think you should give him the application and let him apply. If he persistent and you just tell him "no" without allowing him to apply you could be violating of fair housing laws.

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On second thought, this is kind of strange situation because you already have firsthand knowledge of Bob behavior. If worse comes to worse Nike Roshe Run Galaxy White perhaps you could get the tenant who complained about him to sign something witnessing what she saw, and save it in your files, if you do need to reject based on that. Maybe one of the more experienced landlords here will know whether that would be okay to do or not.

But there will probably be some other thing that you dig up during your background check to use before you resort to that. In my two years of doing this I found that these types never have a squeaky clean history. I would ignore it until he contacts you again. If he does ask for an application, you can invite him to come over to the unit to pick it up. Don forget the application fee.

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