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Nike Roshe Run Junior

"The work has just begun," he replied. on May 1, the line of cars parked on Elk Refuge Road just outside the gate to Curtis Canyon was at least a mile long.

Nike Roshe Run Junior

Nike Roshe Run Junior

Those hunters opted to Roshe Run For Girls Black And Pink

He used the hunt as an antidote to cabin fever.

Once Miller swung open the gate, the cars followed Hoard into the parking area. Once parked, people busted out of their vehicles and started running across the feedgrounds and into the Nike Roshe Run Black Grey

´╗┐Hunters get thrill in annual antler gather in northwest Wyoming


"It's the thrill of the hunt," Hoard said. "It's like a big Easter egg hunt for adults."

"We did all right," Hoard said to Hansel.

"I did the other side for a long time, and it was too much of a rat race," Hoard said, talking about the midnight rush for antlers from the Gros Ventre Road north of Jackson. "Now we come to the local feedgrounds."

"We already found them through the spotting scope," he said. "It's if we can beat everybody to them."

After a few hours of listening to the radio and talking to visiting friend Shawn Hansel, they were ready when Wyoming Game and Fish Department coordinator Matt Miller opened the gates Roshe Run Black And White Tumblr

The sliver of a moon and the clear sky made the stars especially bright as headlamps bobbed through the recreation area.

The horses are helpful for packing the antlers and for prolonged hunting time.

"I like running around in the woods," said Josh Metten, who was out antler hunting for his second time. "It's a beautiful night for it."

The first year he went to South Park, he found 20 antlers. That was a few years ago. He owns D and A Antler Buyers and uses the horns he finds or buys to make chandeliers for Wild West Designs.

After a couple of hours hunting, Hoard and his daughter returned to his truck to meet Hansel, of Farmington, New Mexico, with several horns.

Nike Roshe Run Junior

Nike Roshe Run Junior

First in line were Cody Steffler and friends, of Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. They'd been holding their spot for several days, he said. But the time waiting is worth it.

Nike Roshe Run Junior

Nike Roshe Run Junior

Nike Roshe Run Junior

"My goal is one antler, and I'm here for one month," he said. "That's pretty good. I'm just out for the experience."

"If you're on your feet, you get tired," Sanderson said. "These guys don't get tired."

Hoard has been first in line for the antler rush for the past few years. Business and pleasure keep him coming back. Antler buyers like him as well as amateur hunters take part in the annual tradition.

camp out for a few days for prime spots in the line. What they gave up for the initial access to the Bridger Teton land adjacent to the refuge, where roughly 8,300 elk congregated this past winter, they made up for in the daylight.

just shy of midnight. Miller was there making sure everyone was in check. Forest Service land were lifted and also the day when the department's prohibition on antler gathering west of the Continental Divide comes to an end.

Nike Roshe Run Junior

He planned to keep any exotic horns and sell the rest to pay for gas.

No. 5 in line was John Dejong, who drove 1,600 miles from Michigan for his first Jackson Hole antler hunt.

Nike Roshe Run Junior

Nike Roshe Run Junior

"It's something to do," he said. "It's not about finding horns because I don't care about finding any. I'd rather be on a horse on a mountainside than looking at cars."

"Good work," a stymied horn hunter said to Hoard.

"We Nike Roshe Run Junior usually find something," he said. with his Morgan horses, Sapphire and Can Do.

Nike Roshe Run Junior

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