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Saying we need to do x or y in order to the planet is sheer arrogance. What we mean is we want to save ourselves. If the average temperature was 100 degrees warmer, life would continue. Homo sapiens wouldn Nature couldn care less if humans continue to exist or not.

I came to a conclusion: NNT is an egotistical ass. This is why it irks me to no end that his narcissistic rant is going to make a home for itself in my top 10 books. Why? Because he makes a great point. Human beings are idiots when it comes to risk. We have no idea how to manage it. We see something uncertain and think to ourselves: how can I control that? Then we go Nike Roshe Run Kids Pink about creating systems to make it all shiny and smooth. There is something in our nature forcing us to try and risk. That not possible. The only thing we accomplish is to make it much worse when it happens. We need to take a cue from nature. I going to explore some of NNT ideas and then explain how they apply to real estate.

Immune Systems When you catch a disease and survive, your immune system becomes more adapt at defending you from that disease. If the disease kills you, you don pass your ineffective defenses to any offspring.

In an ideal world, human advances would be some sort of smooth continual march towards greatness. Every year we take last year accomplishments and improve on them. We help each other out and sing kumbaya around the camp fire afterwards.

Nike Roshe Run Kids Pink

Each new disruptive technology has an exponential impact on growth. Looks great doesn it? We always improving. That not the whole story.

worse, human progress is antifragile.

Every step of human progress, creates a huge wake of destruction. Out with the old, in with the new. If you and your family rely on the old going to have a bad time.

Airplanes decimated both the train and the car industries.

Nike Roshe Run Kids Pink

Nike Roshe Run Kids Pink

Nike Roshe Run Kids Pink

Nature as a whole endures. If a species dies out, other species will fill in the gap. If an asteroid wipes out all land life, marine life would evolve and inherit the Earth.

World is Antifragile

No, this isn to any scale. All I did was throw random numbers in Excel that felt good.

The Natural Nike Roshe Run Black Trainers Review

Evolution Lions eat the slowest antelope, weakest elephants, and idiotic (or drunk) hunters. Over time, all groups involved become faster, stronger, and/or smarter.

Trains collapsed the covered wagon market.

To be the opposite of fragile, the vase would have to get stronger when Barracuda topples it.

Let pick an industry at random: transportation. My knowledge of this matter is limited, but I would trace the general timeline as: feet, boats, wheel/carts, horse, trains, cars, and airplanes.

I love fancy charts, so here is one showing what I talking about:

In English, we don even have a word to describer this concept. So, NNT came up with the ever so clever surprising thing is more things are antifragile than fragile humans have their way.

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´╗┐Humans Are Idiots And What We Can Do About It

Sounds strange doesn it? Roughing something up to make it stronger?

Progress is Chaotic

What is the opposite of fragile? Sturdy? Robust? No. A sturdy vase is not affected when it banged up. That not the opposite of breaking/becoming weaker.

Progress comes from destruction and mayhem. Innovation takes the people and things of today, spits on them, chucks them out the window, and does it better.

back stronger.

Natural processes are antifragile.

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Antifragility: What Doesn Kill You my cat, Barracuda, knocks over a vase on my dining room table, it shatters into a thousand pieces. In other words, when you stress the vase it weakens and breaks. Thus the vase is fragile.

Not only is the natural process as a whole antifragile, but so are most natural creations.

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Nike Roshe Run Kids Pink

Muscles When you life a weight, you tear fibers in your muscles, which grow Nike Roshe Shoes For Girls

I tried to fit this article into one post, but failed. So, here is part 1 of number less than 10.

Nike Roshe Run Kids Pink

It ain pretty being antifragile. It death and destruction at every turn, for the sake of the greater good.

Everything fragile, or even strong, will be destroyed just a matter of time.

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