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Nike Roshe Run Midnight

like the junk yard dog on a chain behind the fence. Smug in barking and keeping away the kids, but still chained to his dog house. svn. Bravo.

Nike Roshe Run Midnight

timr 1955 days ago link

That would actually be a good question to ask, but probably for an entirely different reason than facebook meant. I still count not being able to answer that question as a deficit in my own knowledge and have done work post that to be able to answer those types of questions in the future. It doesn't change my opinion about the experience, unfortunately.

I interviewed with Facebook in March for a front

It doesn't have anything to do with the relationship to academia I've had plenty of time Nike Roshe Run Midnight on both sides of that fence, and in my experience there are far more people in industry who are obsessed with tiny, arbitrary measurements of intelligence. These sorts of questions are the geek equivalent having the shiniest back in the forest. But given that tech companies almost universally strive to create a culture of "we're special," it seems inevitable that you're going to get arbitrary rites of initiation into the various geek tribes.

Nike Roshe Run Midnight

jeremytliles 1955 days ago link

I got asked the same SQRT question from FB (this was over the phone mind you). Not sure if I should give the the name of the interviewer. I bet it was the same guy. Anyway, the interviewer asked me to go to a FB site where we can collaborate and he can see what I am Nike Roshe Run Pink With Flowers

I interviewed with Facebook in March for a front end developer role. It was an insulting experience. The tech screen was with some low level engineer. But no, he wanted a function that demonstrated an algorithm to find the square root. Ok. I said. I spent a minute trying to salvage some odd details from high school algebra and basically came up blank. I was thinking, well this isn't going to look good on me. I readily admit to him that my knowledge of figuring out square roots by hand is a rusty, having been out of high school for 12 years(even though in retrospect, this was something we were never really even taught anyway). But Roshe Run Black And White Fade

geuis 1955 days ago link

surely this guy, who is screening me for my ability to do front end coding, will move on and start asking me some hard problems about javascript, css, cross browser problems, etc. I tried a couple more times to answer this question that is completely unrelated to the job I'm interviewing for. Finally, I get so fed up with this moron that my internal ticker clicks over and I realize, "Even if I get this job, I'm going to be dealing with these kinds of nazel gazing engineers every single day. Not an environment I want to be in." I thanked him for his time, and he acts surprised and says "Are you sure? After everything it took to get to talk to me?". Yes, I say. I'm quite sure. realized a long time ago what kind of people these are. When I was growing up, the garbage truck would come by on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When we first moved to the neighborhood, we would put our garbage out by the mailbox and some days it would be picked up and sometimes not. I noticed that everyone had their trash bags on the right side of their mailboxes. That morning, I had done that as well. But some new neighbors down the street had put theirs out on the left side of their mailbox. The truck comes by, grubby guys grabbing/throwing, grabbing throwing. All the garbage gone, except for the neighbors. The next time, I purposely left ours on the left side. It was Their Way or the Highway. They had a really crappy job. Probably crappy lives at home because they're garbage men. This was Florida, not NYC. There's no glamor or high pay there. This was the one place where they were the kings, the arbiters of Pickup Or Not. I'm positive he was quite satisfied with himself after I hung up. Some self congratulation at keeping another peasant out of the castle halls. Kind of Nike Roshe Run Latest

digitalsoul 1955 days ago link

Nike Roshe Run Midnight

My guess is that he wanted to see if you could think your way towards some kind of algorithmic approach. I think his biggest mistake was not moving on to something else after a minute or two. I've used these sorts of questions in interviews before, but usually just as a small part of the overall interview. I prefer to ask questions that relate more to what we're actually doing (a real project, a real technical challenge we recently faced, etc.)I wonder if FB has formal standards for its interview process, or if they just grab someone and say "Hey, go interview this guy."

Nike Roshe Run Midnight

Nike Roshe Run Midnight

Nike Roshe Run Midnight

coding. He asked me this question and did not budge away from it. It was just ridiculous. For the life of me, I tried various different methods, even going to wikipedia but it was extremely complicated to code that up in a short period of time. We spent half the interview on this question. I decided to go work for Google, a much better company, instead.

Nike Roshe Run Midnight

strlen 1955 days ago link

Nike Roshe Run Midnight

Nike Roshe Run Midnight

Yes, I had that exact same experience. It was a form they use that lets them see as you type. You have to be logged into your FB account, then they look up your name. After it was over, I ended up writing back to the recruiter who setup the manager and told them about this experience and how unprofessional it was. Kudos for getting a job at a company that has a real business.

Nike Roshe Run Midnight

Nike Roshe Run Midnight

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