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Other groups like the Ontario Health Coalition have also been skeptical of the Tory platform, saying the party must explicitly rule out any new fees or private clinics.

Hudak must to clarify his stance on user fees, especially since his key fundraiser, Shaun Francis, is the president of MedCan, the largest private health organization in Nike Roshe Run Orange Pink the country, said Health Minister Deb Matthews.

Nike Roshe Run Orange Pink

Nike Roshe Run Orange Pink

Natalie Mehra, executive director of the public health advocacy group, said Hudak needs to make a clear commitment on user fees.

health care system," he said as the provincial campaign officially kicked off.

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Nike Roshe Run Orange Pink

"There's a lot of Ontario men and women who may have done their schooling outside of our province in leading institutions like England and Australia that face obstacles that can't come back to Ontario," he said. "I want them practising in our province."

The remarks came amid reports that a doctor in Whitby, Ont., is facing a disciplinary hearing for charging patients a $1,000 annual fee to receive care.

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Nike Roshe Run Orange Pink

"So it's pretty important to get clear, is the intention Roshe Run Grey

Premier Dalton McGuinty betrayed taxpayers who trusted him with nearly a billion dollars for health care, Hudak charged.

´╗┐Hudak mum on doctors charging illegal user fees

A Tory government would also bring in more doctors for underserviced areas, he said.

Hudak is pointing the finger at the governing Liberals for Ontario's health care woes, saying such "pressures" in the system are a direct result of the Liberals wasting nearly a billion dollars on the "eHealth boondoggle."

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The Tories have promised to pump an extra $6.1 billion into health care over four years and scrap the province's 14 regional health agencies to save cash.

After buying several apple pies for the group of reporters and staffers following his campaign, Hudak helped his three year old daughter Miller behind the wheel of a driving arcade game.

EHealth Ontario the agency charged with creating electronic health records was mired in controversy two years ago over untendered contracts and consultants' expense claims, a scandal that forced then health minister David Caplan to resign.

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she said, referring to the 2007 campaign under former leader John Tory.

Earlier in the day, Hudak stopped at a family home in north Toronto to talk up his pledges to remove the provincial portion of the HST from home heating bills. He then stopped at the Big Apple restaurant in Colborne for a photo op with a local candidate.

"In the last provincial election, they (the Tories) ran on a platform of privatizing hospital clinics," Roshe Run Latest

to bring in private, for profit clinics, which we all know charge user fees and bill OHIP on top."

The best way to eliminate those "obstacles" is to invest in the right areas, such as bringing in more doctors for about a million Ontarians who still don't have a family physician and investing in long term care for seniors to free up hospital beds.

"The way to improve access to our health care system is to make the right investments in long term care, in home care and we'll make sure we have a public, universally accessible system," he said.

Asked repeatedly whether he would go after doctors who charge illegal fees if he leads the next government, Hudak rattled off a list of platform pledges on health care, such as bringing in more doctors to underserviced areas.

But that hasn't stopped the Liberals from painting Hudak as an axeman who will fire nurses and close hospitals.

"This makes me very nervous," she said. "He has got a huge hole in his budget. He's got to fill it somehow, and if he is hinting now that he's going to let these illegal user fees pick up the slack on health care that's a very disturbing suggestion and one that I think Ontarians will reject."

TORONTO Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak insists he's committed to a publicly funded and universal health care system, but refused to say Wednesday whether he'd crack down on illegal user fees if elected Ontario's premier.

"The approach we'll take is to make sure that we have a public and universally accessible Roshe Run Women All Black

Nike Roshe Run Orange Pink

"I don't want to see obstacles in the way to stopping patients from getting treatment."

Hudak spent the rest of the day in eastern Ontario, stopping in Brockville to support PC incumbent Steve Clark before heading to Ottawa for a campaign rally.

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