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OReilly has a book

lowglow 220 days ago linkjimmyswimmy 220 days ago link

I want to learn how to prototype hardware

be able to combine strengths and build something awesome. I know you want to prototype right now but if you get to a "good idea" you want someone who knows how to build hardware.

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Nike Roshe Run Outlet Online

Nike Roshe Run Outlet Online

http: anyone knows of any other Bluetooth LE chip offerings, please let me know (I read that Broadcom has several chips, but I didn see anything concrete that shipping at the moment). (It a Kinivo BTD 400 Bluetooth 4.0 USB adapter.)

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Nike Roshe Run Outlet Online

be to see if your local CC does the same.

mauricesvay 220 days ago link

I just got into Bluetooth LE as an Android developer. It comes with several sensors a coin cell battery, and iOS sample code, which is neat.

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nuggetsgalore 220 days ago Nike Roshe Run White Black Swoosh

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Nike Roshe Run Outlet Online

Nike Roshe Run Outlet Online

If you stick with digital hardware and interfaces, the materials everyone else has suggested are pretty useful. The TI MSP430 is a nice, cheap microcontroller and they offer something called a "Launchpad" which used to sell for $4.30. They have lots of stuff and most of what they sell is accessible to the programmer type. In that case you might Nike Roshe Run Montreal Sale

Other people have given you this advice already: Play around with an arduino for a while until you get comfortable with the hardware interface. There a company called Bluegiga that makes a BLE stack called the BLE112. Basically, it an arduino and a BLE module in a package the size of a postage stamp. Not something you want to go into production with (doesn get much below $15, regardless of quantity), but you can run it off of a coin cell battery for years, and it got all the serial and analog interfaces you expect. You can get a breakout board for around $50 assembled google breakout inmojo luck! Build cool stuff.

http: the other hand, if you wanted to program the bluetooth device itself, the CC2541 isn ideal. It based on the 8 bit Intel 8051 micro controller, and TI radio libraries only work with the very expensive and crappy IAR tool set. I bought their development kit for $100 before realizing that it worthless without the $3000 IAR IDE :The Nordic Semi nRF51822 development kit is much better. Their chip is based on the ARM Cortex M0, so you get Nike Roshe Run Outlet Online a tiny 32 bit processor. It comes with a programmable USB dongle that can be used right away, as well as a J Link Lite CortexM 9, which can download code and do full GDB debugging on the device. You may need to be comfortable looking at schematics to figure out the other two included demo boards, however.

If you are specifically interested in Bluetooth LE, there are a couple of BLE prototyping board that are Arduino compatible:

"Building iPhone and iPad Electronic Projects Real World Arduino, Sensor, and Bluetooth Low Energy Apps in techBASIC" http: can learn about techBASIC at http: claim on their website that techBASIC apps can be sold through Apple.

The MSP430 Launchpads are great (we give them away at school events). I taken only one to date but I feel like it really helped me learn basic EE skills better than a book or online tutorial did. It also helps that they have a proper space setup to tinker and a budget to hand out basic components. My suggestion would Nike Roshe Run Yeezy 2

Arduino is easy to start with and can go pretty far.

tptacek 220 days ago link

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siralonso 220 days ago link

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