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Nike Roshe Run Price

Nike Roshe Run Price

since forever. Hopefully the younger generations can avoid making the same mistakes.

_Simon 291 days ago link

Pinning this on The Guardian is a little strong. It in CommentIsFree, where they allow even the most right wing a platform, if they think it interesting.

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Nike Roshe Run Price

JamesZaya 291 days ago link

The history is more complex than a few paragraphs can convey. For instance, The Royal British Legion was founded by Field Marshal Douglas Haig, commander of British Expeditionary Forces and commander at the Battle of the Somme where over one million men were killed or injured. As a result there have been periods of controversy over Remembrance Day given the role that governments and the ruling elites play in formenting conflicts while the bulk of the cost and consequences is carried by the lower classes. It has certainly nothing to do with the political spectrum. In fact the OP linked to a wiki entry about the RBL, which spells out the RBLs formation. The whole point of remembrance is to recognise "the bulk of the cost and consequences" that is carried by all classes who are maimed or killed in combat. War isn selective about your background and weapons maim and kill indiscriminately. Are you suggesting that because Haig was a founder, we should offer less credence to the RBL for the subsequent work that they do?I believe the OP was referring to the politicising of the act of remembrance for political gain. Mr Smith has politicised this by writing an inflammatory piece bemoaning the current wars, which as you rightly point out were brought forward by Blair and the (Guardian supported) Labour Party. As a result, Smith is asking us to besmirch the act of remembrance of soldiers who have fought in these conflicts. Why? Because we don agree with the wars? That seems rather churlish to me. I don agree with either of the conflicts that the US has started and that Blair blindly followed, but it won stop me remembering the combatants whose lives have lost or irrecoverably Nike Roshe Run Black

Nike Roshe Run Price

Nike Roshe Run Price

alan_cx 291 days ago link

changed. If anything the act of buying a poppy is reminding us just how vile war is an how we should all stand against the politicians and corporations that lobby for it. The poppy should be a symbol of peace, albeit a sombre reminder of what it can cost.

peteretep 290 days ago link

I personally find this deeply offensive. This polemic is featured in the Guardian practically every year and Nike Roshe Run Price its just more of the same sanctimonious bullshit we becoming accustomed to from them. There is a lot of good feeling toward the guardian here because of their involvement with the Snowden affair, but I warn you all to treat them with the cynicism that you treat any other news agency with. This individual, who by all means is entitled to his view, is no better than the politicians he is complaining about by further politicising d deliberately misrepresenting what the appeal represents. The Poppy Appeal is a charitable fund that is operated by the Royal British Legion (see http: and exists to help veterans and the dependants of service men and women that are injured or killed in action. Wear a poppy is showing support for those affected, not existing troops nor the wars that they fight in. It isn showing any kind of agreement with any kind of foreign policy. It a right that I absolutely stand by. I have no issue with anyone choosing not to partake in the act of remembrance. I take issue with it being misrepresented by both sides of the political spectrum. The irony of course is that the people who they are choosing not to remember gave their life for that right.

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smackay 291 days ago link

Nike Roshe Run Price

Mistakes? For who?Sure, from a general population "pleb" POV, yes, mistakes. Plebs die, get tortured, imprisoned with out due process, and so on. But for those making these mistakes? Do they lose out? Or do they gain? Recently, Bush had his two terms. Obama has his two terms. Even the "plebs" didn punish them. I take is Bush, family, and friends are doing fine right now, and I bet Obama doesn fare too badly either after he done. Same thing. No. What I see right now is so much weight of imposed responsibility loaded on them that they simple cant. And that leaving out the people who think such protesters should face the military on the streets. See, protesting causes poor business people to lose money, some how. Disruption costs. Namely that they can and will do what ever they like until caught out. And when they are caught out, they face little consequence of any worth, let alone consequence that ensures nobody after them do it again. Mostly the same shit happens over and over dressed slightly differently each time so the average pleb who may have only read about it in a history book (if that) doesn recognise it as being much the same thing.

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The idea that poppies, Remembrance Day, and general military pageant used to be some kind of non propaganda event that recently been co opted is fantasy. Military nations have been instilling their young men with the Grey Nike Roshe Run Mens

I will wear a poppy for the last time

Nike Roshe Run Price

Truer words have never been spoken. I wish those who send the "Tommies" of today, realize what war is like. They do not call it the Ultimate sacrifice for nothing. A lot of people still see no problem with making people their country, even with the horrific example of WW1.

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