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Nike Roshe Run Red Finish Line

Nike Roshe Run Red Finish Line

"Hey Selene! Come jump in the lake with us." It was Bryna, a super sweet racer from upstate New York who'd been pulled as well. "I'm crying like a 4 year old, Bryna." I called back. "I've cried too. C'mon," she waved me on. I rolled along to the lake with the rest of the unfortunate racers who didn't make the cut that afternoon. We dropped our bikes in the grass, dove into the water, and swapped disaster stories, laughing ourselves back into the light.

my teammate Cheryl and me on top of Nike Roshe Run Red Finish Line the mountain after a ludicrously steep open field climb.

Then it was time for the tricky descent through the rock garden, which was lined with a tunnel of people making a wall of sound I haven't heard the likes of since Ironman. "They're waiting for you in there," my friend John joked as I entered the singletrack. I could hear the sirens and cowbells and vuvuzelas and got goose bumps. "All your friends are in there. Everyone you know," I thought to myself, desperately wanting to ride clean and not let them down. As I turned the corner into the rock garden I was blown away. My insides vibrated from the sound of my name being screamed and shouted at every angle. I think I could have ridden straight up a wall on the sheer energy of all that support. I cleaned everything and couldn't wait to get back in and do it again.

(Jennifer Jackson Sears)

The next lap went much like the first, only a bit smoother. I was still feeling pretty good, but the heat was intense. I made a point of taking in some extra fluids whenever the trail allowed. It's all a bit of a blur at this point, but sometime in the third lap the lights went out. I felt myself get chills. My stomach flipped. I got a little sick. And it felt like someone turned down my power. I dialed back my intensity, drank more, poured water over my head and felt myself come back around.

Nike Roshe Run Red Finish Line

Nike Roshe Run Red Finish Line

paragraph, that was not to be.

We've been having a monster heat wave here in the Mid Atlantic. Day after day of excessive heat warnings and "Real Feels" in the triple digits. I have a love/hate thing with the heat. Sometimes I sort of relish it. Sometimes it buries me. Maybe if I spent a week in a sports physiology lab someone in a white coat could tell me why, but I haven't figured it out on my own. All I know is I did everything I knew how to do to beat it, including dunking in the pool to cool my core and pre hydrating with a special electrolyte drink, before lining up on a dusty open fire road in the hazy, humid midday heat.

Nike Roshe Run Red Finish Line

I had a bad feeling going into this one. After Kanza I took a break for a few weeks to just ride around and sort of slipped into a lull. I had a book manuscript to finish. Then I had mountain biking vacation in Vermont and a trip to Colorado for a Specialized product launch. I came back and it was one week till go time and I wasn't feeling so much go. I'd been riding plenty but I hadn't been racing. So my form going into the weekend was not what I would normally want it to be for an all out XC race. So I adjusted my expectations and hoped for the best. Again, that wasn't quite to be either.

Nike Roshe Run Red Finish Line

Welcome to the jungle. But to be perfectly blunt, and I really feel like being perfectly blunt, so pardon the crass language, Saturday afternoon at Mountain Bike National Championships at Bear Creek (oh, Bear Creek, why are you so mean?.) I got my ass served up to me on a family sized platter along with a heaping helping of humble pie.

I've never been pulled from a race before. So I did the logical thing: rolled off and broke down in tears. I've nearly cried plenty of times both on hard training days and during particularly bleak race moments. But this is the first time in my life I have ever cried because of a poor result. I felt like an idiot. But I was so bone crushingly disappointed that I had fallen flat in front of my amazing hometown crowd I couldn't stop myself.

´╗┐Humbled and Heartroken at MTB Nationals

Nike Roshe Run Red Finish Line

I'd lost a few minutes Nike Roshe Women Tumblr

Nike Roshe Run Red Finish Line

Sitting here days later I know why what happened happened but I'm still pretty far from okay with it. So, I'm going to try to use this little negative experience as a springboard for the rest of the season, which includes an arduous stage race in Brazil this fall. And Bear Creek? Well, Nationals are there again in 2014. And all I can say is I'll be back.

The official blew the whistle at 1:30 sharp and we were off. The pace was hot, but manageable, where I settled in somewhere mid back of the pack as the leaders sailed off at impressive speed. We snaked our way up and up and up the rocky, root strewn technical ascent. I grabbed a bottle from Dave who was working the feed zone for Nike Roshe Run Tan

Nike Roshe Run Red Finish Line

Sailing out of what was to be my final lap. Only I didn know that yet.

Nike Roshe Run Red Finish Line

To be abundantly clear, I never imagined I would be anywhere near the front of the race at this past weekend. Lining up with capitol P PROS like Lea Davison, Georgia Gould, Pua Mata, and more than two dozen other blazingly fast women gunning for a stars and stripes jersey, the front of the field was out of the question. But I had three of my teammates, along with a few other familiar faces, out there with me. And I knew if I could stay with them, I could hang on tight and make it to the finish, which in truth was my only goal. As you might have gleaned from the opening Roshe Floral Mens

Nike Roshe Run Red Finish Line

in my meltdown, but was feeling like I could rally a little and make up at least a little lost ground. "You've got this. Just slowly ramp it back up," I coached myself as I rounded the bend for my fourth lap. But it was too late. The official pointed me off the course before I could try. I'd missed the time cut and was being pulled.

Nike Roshe Run Red Finish Line

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