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I suppose I could. I was going for the "Tropic Thunder" line. But really, political correctness? Has anyone ever called an actually mentally handicapped person "retarded" in the past thirty years?

anujnayar 98 days ago link

The point isn to just not call a handicapped person by a slur. It to prevent the stereotyping of a whole class of people by comparing them to someone doing something wrong or Nike Roshe Run Sale Usa unintelligent. The preferred term is now "intellectually disabled" or "learning disabled" (which to me is far more insulting than "mentally retarded", from a literal perspective, but less evasive than "developmentally delayed").

a good argument, then everyone is also a fool for believing "enter your password here to log in"; remember that you are answering a password reset challenge question at the same site you would normally enter your password.

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For someone to answer the question correctly, they have to demonstrate that they don even need Roshe Run Gray And Blue

BudVVeezer 98 days ago link

to do so, because they already know the thing you wanted to protect?

I got that you were going for a "Tropic Thunder" ref, but it doesn fit. It sounds like you saying ebay is stupid, but the TT is satirizing actors pretending to be stupid. And, TT gets away with the bit because it pushes PC ness further towards not shitting on mentally disabled folks. Mayhaps it should, but slang use of the word "retarded" doesn automatically offend me. I just don think your use worked.

Credit card numbers should be way down on your list of info to protect. They easy to change and the consequences of a compromise are small (you not liable for any fraudulent transactions as long as you paying the least bit attention).

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Nike Roshe Run Sale Usa

pessimizer 98 days ago link

I just went to change my PayPal password as well

>> "PayPal went full retard."I not usually big on political correctness but you could so easily replace that phrase with something that not taking the piss out of people.

orbitingpluto 98 days ago link

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Nike Roshe Run Sale Usa

Nike Roshe Run Sale Usa

orbitingpluto 98 days ago link

Doesn that make it the perfect question? Nike Roshe Run Volt

Nike Roshe Run Sale Usa

djeikyb 98 days ago link

peterwwillis 98 days ago link

octo_t 98 days ago link

yes, they have.

No, that doesn work: if you really think that is Nike Roshe Kids Black And White

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When I tried to change my password to a twenty character pass phrase, I wasn allowed because it was "too weak". Adding a single digit made it "strong." I am not particularly comforted by this.

Thats on;y the case if you do the password reset when you are already logged into your account. Its another layer to prevent people changing your password on a shared computer if you stepped away for example. Doesn happen if you are not logged in

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Probably 1000x in the last 30 seconds. There a lot of people.

k mcgrady 98 days ago link

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