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grand jury. It could be nearly a year before the case goes to trial, according to Roshe Run Men All Black

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The two stopped for breakfast at a Chick fil A located less than a mile from where Ross Harris worked. Stoddard said surveillance video shows Cooper Harris was wide awake at the restaurant. Ross Harris backed his car into the spot that morning, which meant he would have turned around to see where he was going, Stoddard said.

Later, Harris was supposed to meet friends at the AMC Parkway Pointe movie theater on Highway 41. Stoddard said Harris told friends at 3:45 that he would be late. Though Ross Harris was heading toward the theater when he pulled into the Akers Mill shopping center, he was less than a mile away when he entered the shopping complex at about 4:15. He also told detectives that night he had left early to avoid traffic.

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Stoddard was the only witness brought forth by the state, but he revealed a plethora of new information when questioned by Assistant District Attorney Chuck Boring.

Ross Harris had initially told police he simply forgot to drop Cooper off at day care before heading into work at the Home Depot corporate office that day.

Ross Harris told police after the incident he noticed Cooper while making a right turn near the Akers Mill shopping center. But Stoddard said Ross Harris would have made a similar right turn as he entered his workplace that morning.

A tear rolls down the cheek of Justin Ross Harris, the father of a toddler who died after police say he was left in a hot car for about seven hours, as he sits during his bond hearing in Cobb County Magistrate Court, Thursday in Marietta. Harris, who police say intentionally killed his toddler son by leaving the boy inside a hot SUV, was exchanging nude photos with women the day his son died and had looked at websites that advocated against having children, a detective testified Thursday. At that same hearing, a judge declined to grant bond for Harris, meaning he will remain in jail. Staff/Kelly J. Huff

Detective Phillip Stoddard took the stand at the hearing Thursday to reveal new details of Nike Roshe Run Size 5 the case that has garnered international attention since the unexplained death of 22 month Nike Roshe Run Sneakers Black

Nike Roshe Run Size 5

Harris' attorney, Maddox Kilgore, objected six separate times to the line of questioning when Boring began asking about the women and sexually charged conversations.

Stoddard said Ross Harris had dropped off Cooper at day care six of the last nine work days, indicating it was part of his normal routine.

Stoddard also testified that Harris' wife, Leanna, had acted strangely calm upon hearing of her son's death.

Police later asked Harris to stop talking on the phone, to which he replied, "f you," Stoddard said.

"The head was clearly visible," Stoddard said.

When Leanna Harris arrived at Little Apron day care center to pick up Cooper after work that day and employees informed her that her child had never arrived, Stoddard said she immediately told them her husband had forgotten Cooper in the car. Though others in the room brought up alternate possibilities, Leanna Harris insisted the child must have been left in the car.

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Early in the afternoon, Ross Harris received an email from Cooper's teacher at the day care center, according to Stoddard.

Three rows of the packed courtroom were filled by Ross Harris' family, including his wife. Leanna Harris appeared to show little emotion during the hearing. Family members did not speak with the media before or after the hearing.

"That has nothing to do with anything," Kilgore said.

MARIETTA Prosecutors revealed shocking details of the case they will present against Justin Ross Harris during a Thursday afternoon hearing in the Cobb County courthouse, saying Harris was sharing explicit photos of himself while his son was dying in a hot car.

I dreaded how he would look

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Nike Roshe Run Size 5

Nike Roshe Run Size 5

old Cooper Harris.

When a witness began administering CPR to his son, Stoddard said Harris got on his phone. Records show he called his wife first, followed by the Little Apron day care. He did not call 911.

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Stoddard said Leanna Harris was taken into police headquarters for questioning the same night, where she was briefly reunited with her husband in an interview room.

Cobb District Attorney spokeswoman Kim Isaza. If the state seeks the death penalty, Isaza said it could take even longer before a trial begins.

Stoddard said Ross Harris returned to his car during lunch to drop off a box of light bulbs he purchased during his break. Stoddard added surveillance video from the office's parking lot shows Harris stopped and turned back to watch as another individual walked by his car before he headed back inside for the rest of the day.

As Ross Harris broke down over what would happen to him and whether he would lose his job over the incident, Stoddard said she asked her husband, "Did you say too much?"

Stoddard said witnesses described bizarre behavior at the scene after Harris stopped and placed his son on the hot pavement.

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Before heading to work, Stoddard said Harris backed his SUV into his parking spot, turning around to look in the process. Stoddard said the car seat would have been only six inches behind the vehicle's front seat, and Cooper Harris was actually too tall for the seat's regulations.

Among the new revelations was the fact Harris had been carrying on multiple sexually charged conversations complete with the exchange of nude photographs with women via instant messaging services throughout the day of his son's death. At least one of the women was a minor, Stoddard said.

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Harris, 33, who was charged with murder after leaving his toddler in a hot car all day on June 18, will stay in jail for at least the next several months as his case goes to a Roshe Run Nike Women Pink

After overruling the first several objections, Cox finally agreed Boring was "beating a dead horse."

One told police Harris would yell "Oh my God!" one second, then his face would suddenly go blank.

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