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"It's literally one customer at a time now," he said. "A crew may spend three hours to bring back one customer and then have to travel a half hour to the next one."

"It was 42 degrees (inside) our house when the power came back on and we were worried about the pipes freezing," she said. "It took 3 1/2 hours to get back up to 65 degrees."

"The fireman said he'd carry me down to the shelter and carry me back," she said.

Getting service restored through the weekend was complicated by the extent of damage the storm caused over a wide swath of New England.

´╗┐Hundreds suffered dark

be glad when this is over," Gandin Nike Roshe Run Tumblr said. "I would say, probably in my 17 year career, this would be in the top 10 of some of the damage I've seen."

The winds that brought down power lines in southern Vermont were even stronger in the higher elevations.

She said she realized later that it was a good idea to leave.

Ruppert, who lives alone, said she is accustomed to doing everything herself and told firemen she was bundled up and felt fine.

Hundreds of Vermonters endured a frigid, dark weekend in the wake of Friday's fierce windstorm that Roshe Run Floral Swoosh

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr

"The guys are extremely exhausted and will Nike Roshe Run Dark Grey

Temperatures in the single digits over the weekend didn't help, he added.

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr

Those homes were widely scattered across southern Vermont, including one in Rutland County, said CVPS spokesman Stephen Costello.

Neighbors on Carley Road shared generators and tried to help firefighters convince Elizabeth Ruppert, one of the few residents without a wood stove or fireplace, to leave her home for the weekend.

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr

The total cost of the cleanup and rewiring will top $1 million, including costs for overtime, replacement utility poles and fuel, Costello said.

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr

By Monday morning, all but 240 homes had their power restored, according to the utilities, and that was reduced to 35 by early Monday evening. But on Saturday and Sunday, the number of Vermonters without lights or heat was much higher.

initially knocked out power to more than 30,000 homes.

"One of the things we particularly noticed in this storm is that the linemen working in the field had to deal with the cold and the wind," Gandin said. "As we went into Saturday morning, the temperature dropped and the wind picked up. When you had that breeze and that cold air, it was extremely difficult."

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr

"Having all these neighbors is what saved me," she added. "I owe them all a big favor."

Chris Gandin, CVPS operations supervisor for the Rutland district, said Monday that line crews have been working up to 18 20 hours a day since Friday.

"Usually with a big storm we would be able to get mutual aid, but everyone around us was in the same boat," Costello said. "They were looking for Nike Roshe Run Red

Dave and Doris Nelson, who live at the end of Carley Road, pulled their gas grill into the mudroom so they could cook. "We played a lot of rummy," Doris Nelson said.

Ruppert said she ate cold tomato soup out of the can, but after spending the day without heat she finally left Friday night for her niece's home on the other side of Springfield.

In Windsor County, residents of Carley Road in Springfield were out of power until Sunday morning enduring 46 hours without water, electricity, or, for one 84 year old woman, any source of heat.

"One hundred forty three miles an hour is not normal," Foster said, noting the entire mountain was shut down because of the high winds. The resort never lost power, she said.

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr

crews from us."

A wind gust of 143 mph recorded near the summit of Stratton Mountain on Friday is unofficially the highest recorded wind in Vermont, according to the National Weather Service.

He said he initially helped to coordinate the line crews from inside the Rutland office, and later went out and assisted crews in the field. He added that the power outages were numerous and widespread.

"We had some big trees uproot, a lot of single service lines torn down, and a lot of broken poles," Gandin said. "We've had a lot of wires down in the woods off road."

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr

Central Vermont Public Service Corp., the state's largest utility, had crews working Monday night to restore power to the 35 homes that were still blacked out.

Nike Roshe Run Tumblr

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