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I have somewhat of a contrarian opinion on this. It sounds like you don get along well with other siblings and as such probably will be in disagreement with them. Regardless of the reasons, you will lose your voice in the LLC. While I am not a lawyer, I don see why they couldn form an LLC without you and put their ownership shares into it. You can still remain outside the LLC and retain your interest as well. This won insulate you from expenses related to their decisions though. If they want to sell one of the properties and you don they can drag you into a partition lawsuit to force the sale. As Vikram said, it really depends on what your share amounts to in dollars.

Lawyers sometimes find it annoying to receive a big list of questions from someone who is not very aware of the big picture, especially if the questions have a disagreeable or challenging tone. I know that you expect the lawyer to take the time to explaint it all to you and address your issues point by point, but that is usually not realistic unless there is a large sum of money involved, in which case it would be prudent on your part to have your own legal representation.

So you have a business decision to make. Do you want to just go with the flow and Nike Roshe Run Pre Montreal Buy

Ohio My 3 siblings and myself were each willed small percentages (2%) of my grandmothers estate. My father was willed 8% and his siblings were each willed 16%. Included in estate were two properties and business interst in a small company. All involved wan to create an LLC to facilitate easier transactions instead of having all 10 owners sign for a sale to take place.

I don have a problem signing but have valid questions I need answers to.

I have been previously excluded from all other discussions/decitions made on these properties (example lowering the price of the house that is on the market). Only finding out through a third party. When I asked why I was not involved I was told it didn matter as my shares would not change the voting decition.

There is a mention of details on an exhibit, of initial contributions by members (me) to the LLC yet the exhibit doesn contain that information.

None of my questions were addressed nor was my request to see some sort of financial statement specifying what all was to be included as assests Nike Roshe Runs Red

I appreciate the responses. It helps to have an outside view on things.

I received a copy of the operating agreement to sign and had many questions and wanted one part of it completely removed before I felt comfortable signing. I sent a list of questions to the lawyer handling the creation.

Nike Roshe Runs All Black

and current estimated market values. (I am not even aware as to how much the house is on the market for)

Nike Roshe Runs All Black

This is a legal question. Not knowing the laws of your state, nor being a lawyer, not sure that I could answer it.

get your 2% share, or do you want to do thorough due diligence at your expense by hiring a lawyer to represent your interest? The answer, I suspect, is going to depend on how much is at stake.

They have in the agreement that no invite to meetings need to be given to any member who holds a share of less than 8%. Which would exclude me.

There is a piece of the agreement that says that the managers can loan, without any approval, up to $24,999 to any other member. I can see a reason why it would be acceptable for any loans to be given.

Funny the reason my grandmother included me and my siblings in the will at all cutting my fathers share in half was because she didn want us to get screwed over. She was a very fiesty business woman.

Nike Roshe Runs All Black

Nike Roshe Runs All Black

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I don't want to sign LLC Operating Agreement without ch

by the LLC would not be made to me since I am not a member until which time as I become a member.

One uncle (also a member and a manager) had an outstanding loan with my grandmother prior to her death for over 100,000. The loan is suppose to be part of the estate but I asked for details on the terms in my letter to the lawyer that got dismissed.

Nike Roshe Runs All Black

You can file a les pendis on the property as it is now. Having an open autorization for the manager (maybe the attorney) to borrow funds is something to be done to pay tax liabilities or other issues. But you are entitled to answers. I would want a good reason for that as well. If the attorjney thinks he is going to intemidate you, might be better to talk to the family and let them know what is going on, your concerns and, maybe just allow someone to buy you out. OTH, you can file the notice, hold them up and get legal madvice. Such tactics from an admisistrator or executor, could bring problems for him with the Bar Association, you might mention that to him.

The money we are talking is minimal and I guess I should just sign and get on with my life. It would be much easier if someone (lawyer or family member) would just answer my questions.

Nike Roshe Runs All Black

But thanks so much everyone for the advice opinions.

Nike Roshe Runs All Black

Question While my shares would never consist of a majority without me signing the LLC would/could there even be an LLC if I co own the properties involved?

Nike Roshe Runs All Black

You may want to seek legal help to find out what your options are.

Nike Roshe Runs All Black

The response was a very rude letter saying that every other member already signed, except myself and one of my siblings. He wrote that if I refused to sign than any distributions made Nike Roshe Run All Blue

On a practical matter not sure there is much you can do with a small interest. You could probably ask for your share though rather than taking on an interest in the LLC. Not sure that being a member of this LLC is going to provide you many benefits. Sounds like you may have no say or control. It generally is Nike Roshe Runs All Black difficult to sell your share in an LLC as well.

Nike Roshe Runs All Black

Nike Roshe Runs All Black

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