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3) Can I ask this question so that we can all bash men?That just my opinion. I sure it not the reason for their downfall. It does make me sad, and I hope the data doesn disappear.(Losing karma is worth it sometimes, to state an opinion against the masses. So several months Roshes Kids Girls

I went there almost every day

pronoiac 100 days ago link

Nike Roshe Wolf Grey Womens

mbrubeck 100 days ago link

Nike Roshe Wolf Grey Womens

Nike Roshe Wolf Grey Womens

in recent years), or the popular questions at http: , the majority are not in these buckets you complaining about.("Recommend good books Roshe Run Knit

Around then, I sort of lost interest, as most of the popular questions became 1) Can you recommend me a recipe X for Y?,

ap22213 100 days ago link

I will suggest that MetaFilter may be a victim of its own success to some degree. Growth of a forum always introduces new challenges and you solve those or experience die back. I have seen it often, in other forums. Or it may be more complicated than that. (In my experience, it is more about the community. Everything else is secondary.) .

If you logged in, you can also use the "My Ask" tab to browse questions from selected tags instead of all categories. Useful if you prefer, say, science questions over relationship questions.

Nike Roshe Wolf Grey Womens

Nike Roshe Wolf Grey Womens

Nike Roshe Wolf Grey Womens

Maybe. And, I interested in the ones in a typical range for favorites, around 10 60, or so. But, it would be interesting to test.

Nike Roshe Wolf Grey Womens

I think this might be some confirmation bias in action; if you actually look at the front page of http: today (or pretty much any day Nike Roshe Run Tech Fleece

Nike Roshe Wolf Grey Womens

2) I hate my life, now what?,

Check out "Most Favorited Posts in the Past 7 Days:"

Nike Roshe Wolf Grey Womens

for X" questions are disproportionately represented in the "popular" list, because users interested in the same topic tend to favorite these so they can follow the recommendations too.)My own favorite AskMe thread recently was this crowd sourced deciphering of a hundred year old postcard written in Norwegian in an obsolete gothic script:

ago I posted a powerful article about a woman struggles growing up in Hezbollah culture. That article was really fantastic (to the extent that I made a point of saving it). I suppose this sort of thing is the reason why we tend to engage in Nike Roshe Wolf Grey Womens multiple online communities. The discussion around that article on HN was worth reading!

Nike Roshe Wolf Grey Womens

Nike Roshe Wolf Grey Womens

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