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Nike Roshe Women

Nike Roshe Women

Those memories are bittersweet. Jamie, a Rockwell City police officer, died in the line of duty, eight months ago.

Nike Roshe Women

But, Jamie's loss, which Mandy still feels every day, hit the family hard.

The last eight months have been hard on his wife, Mandy.

Mandy Buenting, Widow said, "From the minute I needed them, they were there."

Mandy Buenting, Widow said, "We come up to a pasture, near Brushy Creek, I said, 'if you don't want to run tell me because I have to hold my horse back.' And, he said 'no, it's okay, we can run. I'll hold on.' We're on our two separate horses, and we race across the pasture as fast as the horses can take us to the other side. We slow down, and Jamie's face is just glowing pink, He has a smile ear to ear. And, he says 'that was just awesome! I could feel the wind blowing through my hat!' He was bald. He had no hair."

Mandy Buenting, Widow said, "My daughter has his sense of humor."

Mandy Buenting, Widow said, "It makes me feel like I still have a piece of him with me."

as law enforcers honor hundreds of their own, who have died in the line of duty.

Nike Roshe Women

´╗┐IA police officer share memories

Among them, Rockwell City police officer Jamie Buenting, who was shot, Nike Roshe Womens Print

And 8 year old Kalie.

That was Jamie's running joke. Still, he rode. And, his sense of humor always came with him.

Lacee McLaren's husband, Don, is on the SERT team.

Nike Roshe Women

Matt Breen, Reporting, "What's she like?" Lacee McLaren, Friend said, "Tough."

Buenting, Widow said, "I think, a lot of times, it's hard to stand on your own two feet when you lose that person that you love that much."

But, she's found support to give her strength.

But, Lacee didn't know how tough until she met Mandy. It was the day before Jamie's funeral.

Mandy Buenting loves horses. She owns two. Her husband, Jamie, loved Mandy, so he loved horses, too. Riding them was another story.

car. I looked at my husband, and I said, 'she said this must be tough for me.' That just blew me away. And, from them on, I knew being around her, and being around her family was something that I wanted to do."

Mandy Nike Roshe Navy Womens

Mandy Buenting, Widow said, "These women all have husbands, who put their lives on he line every day. And, I just felt a connection like they understood me."

Nike Roshe Women

and killed, in September.

Nike Roshe Women

Nike Roshe Women

Jamie wasn't just a husband. He was a father, too. Mandy says she sees a Nike Roshe Women lot of Jamie in 9 year old Ethan.

Mandy Buenting, Widow said, "My son has his smile, and his laugh."

Nike Roshe Women

Lacee McLaren, Friend said, "My husband introduced me to her. And, the first thing she said to me was, 'this must be so hard for you.' I'm not speechless often, but I couldn't get words out. The whole way to the Nike Roshe Run Shoe Palace

Nike Roshe Women

They are the wives of the men who served alongside Jamie on the "Special Emergency Response Team."

Nike Roshe Women

Mandy Buenting, Widow said, "What's the hardest thing about riding a horse? The ground."

Nike Roshe Women

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