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This reminds me of the Jeff Bezos philosophy of writing a press release as the project proposal.

Nike Roshe Women Black

Nike Roshe Women Black

"We could not accept Y Combinator due to the obvious name and branding conflict. We strongly encourage you to apply again next year with a new name."There a more personalized version :)

Apologies in advance to Sam Altman I know writing HN comments is not work. But I had fun answering! Back to the code. [Ed. Paul and Robert have more experience with investors and shepherding small companies through the necessary phases towards becoming big ones. Jessica has experience with marketing, branding, and working with large companies. Put it Roshe Run Triple White

Nike Roshe Women Black

on a server and tell us the url. Ascii text preferred. Don password protect it.)[redacted]How will you make money? Who will your customers be, how many are there, and how will they hear about you?Our basic assumption is that young founders can succeed in building startups with good advising and seed capital. Fast growing tech companies, graduate school, and even cushy jobs at big companies might have more superficial appeal. Google and graduate CS programs might lose some great hackers, although we think in the long run they'll do better if younger programmers see the potential to start companies. Perhaps the founders will go back to school and the companies stagnate. Perhaps founders do actually need experience at a "real job" to succeed in business. (This question is more for you than us.)[Ed. If they failed, why? (We consider failed companies valuable experience too.)Paul and Robert founded Artix, which let art galleries go online. (The answer need not be remotely related to your project.)Paul and Robert discovered that art galleries didn't want to go online in 1995. This may not seem surprising now, but it was to us then!What else would you have asked if you were us?There's a joke here somewhere.

Yes. I also should have placed my response in reply to mlchild application.

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yogo 221 days ago link

How would you fill out a "Ask HN" submission asking HN how pg would fill out a YC application with YC as his idea?

not take it personally. It Roshe Run Custom Floral

Nike Roshe Women Black

This is definitely not work. Do Nike Roshe Run Online

Aqueous 221 days ago link

´╗┐How would you fill out a YC application with YC as your idea

Nike Roshe Women Black

swombat 222 days ago link

keketiko 222 days ago link

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philip1209 222 days ago link

Nike Roshe Women Black

Nike Roshe Women Black

Nike Roshe Women Black

does not reflect poorly on the quality of your company, "Y Combinator," or its founding idea. We received a huge number of compelling applications this year. Unfortunately, there just weren enough spots to go around, so we had to make some difficult Nike Roshe Women Black choices. As a result, we were unable to admit "Y Combinator" to this year Y Combinator batch. Please do not be discouraged. Many fantastic ideas like Combinator were also not admitted. In fact, we strongly encourage Combinator to apply again next year!Sincerely,Paul GrahamY Combinator

Nike Roshe Women Black

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