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Roshe Run Calypso On Feet

Roshe Run Calypso On Feet

"He says, because of my good level of fitness and young age, that my recovery has been quick.

The five, who were all wearing full Great Britain team kit at the time of the accident, were descending between Oudenaarde and Brakel when a car pulled out in front of them. They were travelling atHannah was at the front of the group and hit first, then Colclough, while Trott rode into the side of the car and was knocked unconscious.

"I am having all the stitches out and the cast on my arm off on June 9. I'll also have an X ray and, if it shows the bone is healing, then I will be allowed to get on a static bike and go through

"The surgeon made an incision into the top of my leg by the hip, cutting it open to expose the femur," said Hannah. "They drilled into the femur and inserted a metal plate down into the bottom of

the pedaling motion, but with no resistance. Three weeks after that, if the specialist is satisfied, I will be allowed to ride a bike on the road again."

Roshe Run Calypso On Feet

The accident happened on the morning of Friday, May 7. Hannah's parents joined her in Belgium the following day but it was several more days before she was allowed to fly back to Bradford.

Roshe Run Calypso On Feet


I feel lucky to be alive From Bradford Telegraph and Argus

Roshe Run Calypso On Feet

Roshe Run Calypso On Feet

and four of her Great Britain colleagues collided with a

Roshe Run Calypso On Feet

Hannah's dedication has taken her to a myriad national junior and senior titles, while her physical and mental strength of character is perhaps best illustrated by her response to being asked if

to her hand and a split chin, found herself with the job of comforting her friends and offering emotional support until the ambulance arrived.

thinking to herself as she lay battered and bruised, hours after being involved in an horrific multiple crash in Belgium last month that nearly cost her her life.

Roshe Run Calypso On Feet

the leg and then screwed two nails into the top of my leg and two at the bottom.

But as the emotional fog cleared, and as the unpleasant nature of the surgery was being explained to her, the realisation broke through that she may never ride again.

Since arriving home, Hannah has continued to make fast progress and she could be back on her bike in a matter of weeks.

Roshe Run Calypso On Feet

The sheer relief of knowing she had escaped relatively lightly from an impact which could have killed her pushed concerns about her cycling career to the back of her mind while she occupied herself

"My first thought after the accident was that I was lucky to be alive," said Olympic hopeful Hannah, who recalled the shocking moment she Nike Roshe Run For Kids

"It's just a setback and a risk you take in cycling. I'm looking at it as a two month injury lay off which happens all the time in professional sport and I certainly won't be using it as anIndeed, her attention is already focused on October's Commonwealth Games in India and, beyond that, the World Championships and 2012 Olympic Games in London, where she is hoping to compete in the

admits to

Roshe Run Calypso On Feet

While Hannah's injuries were the most serious, her four colleagues were also taken to hospital.

'Lucky me' would not be the first phrase to enter most people's minds. But that is exactly what 19 year old Cullingworth cyclist Hannah Mayho Nike Roshe Run Black Womens Size 7

Lucy Martin suffered a crushed vertebra, Katie Colclough needed treatment for concussion and Emma Trott broke a collarbone and was knocked out in the impact. Sarah Reynolds, who escaped with grazes

car as it pulled out of a junction while on a training ride in Oudenaarde.

with thoughts of family and friends.

she will carry any mental scars from the accident.

No wonder Hannah is keen to thank her helmet sponsor, Giro, and send a message out to all cyclists of the importance of wearing protective headgear at all times.

"It's going well. There have been ups and downs but it has been positive news from the lower limb specialist I am seeing at Wigan's Wrightington Nike Roshe Run Womens

Roshe Run Calypso On Feet

Trott said: "I don't remember hitting the car, I don't remember landing on the floor. I barely remember getting into the ambulance. I just don't remember a lot."

"The policeman at the scene said Roshe Run Calypso On Feet if I hadn't been wearing a helmet I would almost certainly have died. It was all cracked when he took it off me.

Roshe Run Calypso On Feet

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