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Tim Hudak screwed up, so he's blaming the police. Only interested themselves, not fixing transit.

We do have a transit problem and if someone is planning to do something about it hat is fine with me. As for making a mistake by not knowing every single by law we have is understandable. Nike Roshe Run Blue Orange

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no relation what so ever.

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can hold events outside stations or canvass outside the fare paid area, but doing so on platforms or vehicles is not permitted, TTC spokesperson Brad Ross told CityNews in an email.

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Roshe Run Girls Pink

Using the TTC platform would of make perfect sense because it involves all that people riding the TTC and it is for their benefit. Most of the comments are attach on Hudak and his party and they are politically motivated and not for the benefit of the City or Roshe Run Girls Pink the Province.

"The PCs have a sensible transportation plan that fits together and builds Roshe Run Black And White Speckled

The TTC was not the better way for a campaigning Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak.

He vows to do this without raising taxes and promises the plan will create 96,000 jobs.

´╗┐Hudak booted off TTC while announcing transit plan

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on our strengths: subways, highways and GO."

Hudak campaign team apologized to reporters for not acquiring the proper permits, but according to Ross there are no permits that would allow campaigning in the paid areas.

Social media reaction was swift.

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Roshe Run Girls Pink

Roshe Run Girls Pink

It TTC policy, not the union acting. TTC security was trying to determine if hudak had the permits. [Sounds like they did not have the permits.] I would expect TTC security to act the same way for anyone or Group that wants to use the TTC to film something. I am surprised that they did not take the train out of service, have everyone get off the vehicle and sort it out the mess on the platform. I been riding on the TTC when a minor dispute caused the vehicle to be taken out of service and have to wait for the next one.

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CUPE workers stop Tim Hudak photo op on the TTC. They are only interested themselves, not fixing transit for commuters.

To me the plan sound good and as long as it is possible I am all for it. I don know why some people keep bringing in Ford into the conversation even when there is Nike Roshe Run Shop New York

"Whether you are stuck in traffic, or on an overcrowded train, people across the GTA know that the status quo isn't working," Hudak said.

The Ontario PC party said in a tweet that the problem arose because of politically motivated public sector employees.

His campaign team attempted to hold a press conference on a subway train Sunday to announce new transit plans.

But they, and the gathered media, were asked to leave the subway by TTC security because the transit service bans campaigning in areas accessed by paying a fare.

This TTC issue seems to be the main focus of attention. Is this not Ontario? This Province extends far beyond the GTA, and there are issues that need be addressed. Just because Hog Town ins the Capital, doesen mean that the remainder of Ontario should be neglected. I myself have had my fill of Liberal Govt. then there is Regional Govt, another squandering tax $$$ Govt. overpaid staff, whose performance is sub standard, for what we pay in taxes. Time to take a good hard look at where we are heading, in terms of the deficit, and over spending. My account is running low, and I don get a cost of living adjustment to keep up with inflation. Before signing off here Mayor Ford has nothing to do with Provincial Elections, so why don you just leave his name out on comments.

Video courtesy of Sun News Network

Hudak plan calls for the province to take over all rail based transit and major highways in the GTA, build a downtown relief line, and expand GO Transit and highways.

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