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Roshe Run Green

oddevan 47 days Roshe Run Green ago link

I think the best candidate should always be chosen

shy to raise her hand to answer chess questions from the male chess teacher. My daughter was so dejected by this experience, of raising her hand, finally being ready to answer a chess class and this guy totally doesn even see her. She was crushed, and I was too. We still going to go to this chess class, but if this teacher doesn change I going to talk to him. This is an example of why "best" and "fair" are hard. A few generation of teacher tracking encouraging boys over girls makes me sceptical that the produced "best" was fair in the first place.

Roshe Run Green

A child doesn get picked once, and that evidence of institutionalized bias?

Roshe Run Green

Roshe Run Green

I felt exactly the same as your daughter as a kid, and I a guy. The cause was the shyness, not gender.>even though this kid sometimes yells out answers without raising his hands even when the teacher says not to do thisSeems like the problem there is extroversion vs introversion. Less sensitive vs sensitive. Something I can totally relate to.

What bellerocky described is institutionalized bias. It only takes one incident like that to discourage someone.

though it not allowed to start getting attention if she doesn get picked and if she gets in trouble she should say she never gets picked.

Roshe Run Green

But whatever best may mean, I doubt it is "fair" unless inherited wealth and Nike Roshe Print Blue

Roshe Run Green

Roshe Run Green

nawitus 47 days ago link

A child doesn get picked for an entire class and loses out to a student that doesn have his hand raised. Sounds like bias to me.

traits also fits into your definition of "fair". Question of "fair" totally sidesteps the bigger problems. I have a 6 year old daughter in chess class. All last semester she been too Roshe Run Shoes Red

Roshe Run Green

Well I suggested to my daughter to start yelling out answers too even Nike Roshe Shoes For Women

Roshe Run Green

Roshe Run Green

As I said, it simply an anecdote of teacher tracking, and you mischaracterized what I said. I noticed all semester long he been ignoring girls trying to participate, and on the last day my daughter raised her hand the entire class, not just once. Still, as I said, it an anecdote, not statistically significant, but if you want statistical evidence, teacher tracking is a real and widely known problem with lots of studies and policy discussions.

Entitlement, sure. If I keep seeing it, whether it is my child or any of the other girls I will say something though. .

Roshe Run Green

If you factor out all factors then everyone is equal and all hires should be random. I wouldn personally go to a randomly chosen doctor, though.

Roshe Run Green

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