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Roshe Run Kids Black

Roshe Run Kids Black

Good ideas above, I'm conservative to bland with a little pop.

The point is Frame the front porch and walkway. Put fresh dark compost (not bark) in the beds. It presents better. Makes the house and plants look fresh. Keep the compost 1/2 inch below the concrete edge (don't overfill the beds). You just need a slight "color coat".

IMO curb appeal should match or beat the others near by, stay with the flavor of the area and be maintenance free or low. :)

Replace the garage door with one you like, inexpensive

Roshe Run Kids Black

Paint the shutters

A note on the landscaping. I can't really see how much room you have there, so I'm really just guessing on plants and quantity. But I've found the above plants are affordable and present well. Not sure if they have them in your area, but you can look up similar varieties.

Set boxwood hedge to the left of Roshe Run Id Ideas

For a quick flip and low cost I would replace the window, paint the garage door, put up some nice carriage lamps on either side of the door, plant bushes from the garage to the front porch and upgrade the interior of the garage. Paint interior and the floor. If you have a garage door opener open the garage to show off the interior as your showing the property. Keep your budget within means as you may be spending your profit.3360 Route 940

Roshe Run Kids Black

Clean the roof if you can or replace to a color that compliments the natural brick.

Mt. Pocono, Pa.18344 The trees are in the way. Trim them.

Roshe Run Kids Black

What's in the neighborhood? Style of homes? Is there a flavor to the neighborhood? What's the target market, nothing particular, boomers, up and coming contemporary types ?

´╗┐How would you change the curb appeal of this home

the drive. Pull the stump out. Line of sight from the picture angle, on the house side of the sidewalk to the front, set an ornamental Chinese red elm closer to the steps, but not next to them. Ivy ground cover around that tree to end of the garden toward the drive way.

Clean the brick, if needed (around the chimney, esp.).

Roshe Run Kids Black

so the plants probably won't work but you get the idea. Roshes Mens Custom

landscape the front: a. Dora Rhody in garden bed of window with shutters (Dora or similar Rhody they are sm/med. sized and don't grow too large); b. Heathers or similar along pathway c. Trim lawn along driveway Obviously, I can't see how much room you have, Nike Roshe Girls Floral

It looks like they added the garage and just extended the existing chimney through the new garage roof and had to add to its height to maintain the proper draft/height of the chimney. That's what is really out of balance. The real solution would be to extend the above garage space over to the main house somehow, but that would be a real investment and you would lose the small window in the upstairs bedroom on the end wall.301.355.5900. x 101

Roshe Run Kids Black

Roshe Run Kids Black

Roshe Run Kids Black

I'd use paint, tan rather than white, tan garage door with burgundy trim, burgundy front door, repeat trim, windows the same, paint the posts tan and railings. Shutters burgundy. Lamp post brownish. Down spouts or service pipe burgundy to blend with brick.

Say, I think I had one Roshe Run Kids Black like that one. Entry. living room to the right, dining to the left, straight back to the kitchen, utility off to the left and 1/2 bath, stairs off the entry 4 beds up bath in master back corner, bath off hall up stairs. Family room off kitchen then to the garage? Nice house. :)

Roshe Run Kids Black

Roshe Run Kids Black

Roshe Run Kids Black

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