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Roshe Run Liberty

cushion of air and draw on magnetic attraction and solar power to zoom through a nearly air free tube. Because there would be so little wind resistance, they could top 700 mph and make the nearly 400 mile trip in about half an hour.

The goal is to get a "quick and dirty" sense of how much wind drag a capsule would encounter, and thus how fast it could go, said Sandeep Sovani, the company's director of Global Automotive Industry.

From tinkerers to engineers, the race is on.

Roshe Run Liberty

Roshe Run Liberty

In principle, the Hyperloop is doable.

At the computer simulation software firm ANSYS, engineers are designing and testing a Nike Roshe Run Flight Weight - Boys' Grade School

Roshe Run Liberty

Roshe Run Liberty

Conspicuously absent was a commitment that Musk would sink substantial money into the project anytime soon if ever. On a call with reporters, Musk suggested he might build a "subscale" test version in a few years if the idea was floundering.

The concept pulls together several proven technologies: Capsules would float on a thin Nike Grey Roshe Womens

´╗┐Hyperloop travel idea gains fans if not backers

LOS ANGELES (AP) Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk urged the public to polish sketch plans he released last week for a "Hyperloop" that would shoot capsules full of people at the speed of sound through elevated tubes connecting Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The $6 billion Musk projected as the cost was a terrific lowball to some. Others suggested his timeframe Roshe Run Gray Camo

Roshe Run Liberty

Sovani said he has long been intrigued by tube travel (an idea that predates the Hyperloop by a century), and wanted to do a model both out of intellectual curiosity and on the chance Roshe Run Liberty that Musk does eventually go looking for partners.

of a decade to completion was naive that getting political backing and environmental clearances, much less land to build the tubes on, would be hugely time consuming.

virtual model.

A Utah firm hustled out a model using a 3 D printer. A Pennsylvania company is testing a virtual Hyperloop with sophisticated computer software. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants ad space inside capsules, and in San Francisco, enthusiasts interested in "making Hyperloop a reality" will meet over beers.

Roshe Run Liberty

Actual construction would hinge on challenges far more complex than advanced engineering those involving money and politics.

And in that respect, there has been no lack of enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, Musk himself has shelved the project and returned to his established future is here transportation ventures: luxury electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc. and the rocket building company SpaceX.

Roshe Run Liberty

Roshe Run Liberty

Roshe Run Liberty

Roshe Run Liberty

Roshe Run Liberty

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