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Zeier said Mason will likely be relieved once game time finally comes because all he will have to worry about is football. He also said Mason has done an exceptional job in preparation and that he will be excited to see the fellow Cobb County native play.

"People want your attention," Mason said. "People I haven't talked to in years (have reached out) with calls and texts."

"He's been through a lot of games a lot of game plans and he's played a little bit along the way," Richt said. "(I'm sure) there'll be some excitement, but he knows he's ready. We have faith and confidence in Hutson that he'll do a good job."

"You forget the small things," he said. "You forget about the emotion, the excitement and the jitters. Those are the things I missed the most. Even getting hit or laid out you forget how that feels."

Zeier, the last quarterback Roshe Run Print Women's from Cobb County to play for the Bulldogs, understands what it means to make his debut as the starter.

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But after Aaron Murray tore the anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee last Saturday against Kentucky, Mason will have to get acclimated to being the center of attention and quickly.

Mason still has four of the top 15 passing games in state history.

That's why, when Mason takes the field Saturday in Atlanta, it will be 4 years and 3 days since he was last in the huddle as a starting quarterback.

There are some things he is looking forward to.

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"The closer we get, I'll start to get more excited and pumped up," Mason said. "There will definitely be great emotion involved. But when I'm playing, I'm usually cool, calm and collected. I'm going to not get over ecstatic, and I'm going to try to make it as simple a process as I can."

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"I haven't done media (before), except an occasional interview."

Mason agrees with Zeier, saying he got the first taste of that Tuesday. Despite being a communication studies major who eventually wants to go into broadcast journalism, Mason said his classes did not help with easing his way into the spotlight.

His every day life has changed, too.

juices to get flowing as kickoff nears.

"My schedule is booked. I've been doing media like crazy," Mason said after talking with 15 to 20 media outlets. Nike Roshe Run Colors

After watching every one of his plays since Mason first arrived in Athens as a freshman in 2010, Georgia coach Mark Richt and former Bulldogs quarterback Eric Zeier both feel Mason is ready.

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Roshe Run Print Women's

"It's a different kind of pressure," said Zeier, now a member of the Georgia radio crew. "What he will experience will be Nike Roshes Womens Black

Roshe Run Print Women's

Roshe Run Print Women's

Roshe Run Print Women's

"No. No. Let me repeat that no," he said about his first encounter with the media day as the Bulldogs' starting QB.

After completing 13 of 19 passes for 189 yards and a touchdown against Kentucky last Saturday, the 6 foot 3, 202 pound Mason said he feels ready to move into the starting role, but he expects the Nike Roshe Run Shoe Laces For Sale

The former Marietta High School star, who played for Georgia from 1991 94, said off the field is where things will change for Mason the most, now that he is the face of Georgia football. And learning that fact now will benefit him as he heads into next season as the likely incumbent.

Those kinds of numbers usually allow a player to see time early in a college career, but when Mason got to Georgia, he found himself behind Murray, a quarterback on his way to having one of the most prolific careers in Southeastern Conference history.

the ability to feel the weight of Bulldog Nation. As the starter, all eyes are now on you. I don't know if I can put enough emphasis on how big it is."

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Hutson Mason has found that it's been quite an adjustment going from being just a guy to becoming "The Guy."

Mason said there was no way to accurately compare what he was doing Tuesday to what he was doing last week at this time.

For the year, Mason is 24 of 35 for 349 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. In his two plus seasons as a Bulldog surrounding last fall's redshirt year he has completed 62 percent of his passes (51 of 82) for 705 yards, five touchdowns and the one interception.

´╗┐Hutson Mason prepares for frenzy of being a starting QB

At Lassiter High School, Mason rewrote the Georgia high school record book, throwing for 4,560 yards and 54 touchdowns as a senior. Twice that final season, he broke the single game passing record first with 545 yards and six touchdowns against Milton, then a 552 yard, eight touchdown performance against South Gwinnett in the state playoffs.

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