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I interview wellAny tips or techniques outside of the standard behavioral based interviewing techniques (like STAR)?Also, I suspect you may be underselling yourself here, you very well may have excellent communication skills (like presenting complex ideas clearly to senior management) or even just social acumen.

No, you are not. Other characteristics like perseverance, social communication skills, and emotional stability become dominant. if you have an interest in and a basic aptitude for programming, you should be fine.(also, a perfect math score in the sat isn't impossibly hard the level of mathematics is probably lower than your last school exam. Scoring an 800 means you could get an A grade in high school math, and are not so slow at solving the problems, and are careful enough to avoid sloppy mistakes in your work."120" IQ is supposedly 2 standard deviations above the "(human?) population mean", which is 98%ile of the population, which is well Roshe Run Girl Shoes

brianm 1025 days ago link

Roshe Run Women Floral Blue

Ah, I did, and he slightly more than tripled my RSUs (from 150 to 500), but left my base the same. Which is also weird since that base is lower than my current one.

alecbenzer 1025 days ago link

littledanehren 1025 days ago link

Roshe Run Women Floral Blue

Roshe Run Women Floral Blue

Roshe Run Women Floral Blue

Roshe Run Women Floral Blue

fake_handle 1025 days ago link

I work at Google and am at a similar point in my career

Roshe Run Women Floral Blue

Roshe Run Women Floral Blue

Selvik 1025 days ago link

upper 1%ile? Do you know your IQ? I'm scandinavian and could do a traditional finance/consulting/management/accounting thing in my home country but the software industry seems far more fascinating. I'm afraid my 120 to 125 iq means I'm too stupid to do well in SV though.

within the margin of error of these sorts of measurements.

Roshe Run Women Floral Blue

Roshe Run Women Floral Blue

teratau 1025 days ago link

I don't know if things were different when he took the SATs, but I know several people who got 800s in math last year. It's not that hard, especially if you're reasonably intelligent and study a bit. My recruiter said that Roshe Run Women Floral Blue given the way annual bonuses work (15% bonus if you perform average, all the way up to 15% 3.5 = 52.5% if you're extraordinary), I should haven't have much trouble getting about a 30% 35% bonus. Pure speculation, though.

Area (at a publicly traded gaming company, not at Google). My company has six pay grades for pure engineers; I'm at the second highest. I did not complete my undergraduate degree. I'm smart, but not extraordinarily so (800/710 math/verbal SAT). I interview well. I have a "disruptive" skill (cloud expertise).

Brushing up on your standard CS algorithms and concurrency school problems, a favorite of SV interviews. And being skilled in whatever area you are being interviewed for.

Isn't a perfect math score very hard to get, something like the Roshe Run Shoes For Kids

mahyarm 1025 days ago link

Adding to the data pool:I'm also an under 30 engineer making 250k in the Bay Roshe Run Janoski

Roshe Run Women Floral Blue

Tell your Google recruiter about your competing offers, especially if you're considering choosing another job on this basis.

wallflower 1025 days ago link

As a point of data, I work at Google and am at a similar point in my career. So each year, I get 75x the value of a Google share. If I were bragging to an ex employer, I'd probably round up to "a quarter million" too. :)

Roshe Run Women Floral Blue

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