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Roshe Run Woven

So does anyone have any advice of how to approach this subject with a hoarder? I have a tenant that is a hoarder, but thankfully not this bad. She pays on time and, besides the mess, is a good tenant. We are just to the point of getting very concerned about our unit.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Maybe that would be a good thing for all. I wouldn't try to play amateur therapist here.

If I thought there was imminent but non emergent danger, which you don't indicate, I would call the fire department (but not through 911). They might be able to provide a referral for you too. Good luck. but just like everything else its a numbers game.

According to the news report "records show he has done this to at least a 1/2 dozen properties in the city" (I may be paraphrasing). This was obviously a case where no one screened for crazy when they should and could have :)

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Roshe Run Woven

see the way the homeowner lived, but at least he was alone and separated from his neighbors. He also took the majority of his belongings when he left.

´╗┐how would you like this guy to be your tenant

Roshe Run Woven

Roshe Run Woven

Roshe Run Woven

Colorado springs has an Adult Abuse or Neglect Intake Line and they might advise you on how to approach her, or they might have an interest in her themselves. There's also the health department.

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Roshe Run Woven

Roshe Run Woven

I feel less sad for this guy; an obviously ill jerk, who took advantage of his landlord and with no regard for the health or safety of his neighbors.

Roshe Run Woven

Last year, we funded the hoarder home I wrote about here. It was terribly sad to Roshe Run Women Floral Blue

Roshe Run Woven

We have asked her politely several times to clean, but that is not something a hoarder Roshe Run Woven really understands. Just not sure how to approach this subject with her because it is a disease.

Clearly, a lesson in tenant screening but I also fear that Health and Safety will now rake her over the coals demanding Roshe Run High Tops

Roshe Run Woven

an expensive toxic waste mitigation.

Roshe Run Woven

Roshe Run Woven

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