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Roshe Shoes For Girls Blue

Roshe Shoes For Girls Blue

They forfeit their EMD yes, but thats not exactly what I mean.

Roshe Shoes For Girls Blue

Samantha, those definitely are to as dependable. So are pure crap. Call them up and talk to them about their funding conditions, LTV's etc. to try and figure out if you think they'll fund, Before you accept their offer.

Roshe Shoes For Girls Blue

Roshe Shoes For Girls Blue

Originally posted by Wayne Brooks:

Does all of this sound good? Thank you everyone so much.

Roshe Shoes For Girls Blue

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ask them to bring proof of funds and a check for earnest money prior to arriving at the showing in case they decide to close?

Roshe Shoes For Girls Blue

credit or HML: maybe give the bank or hard money lender a call and verify that they are working with the buyer and have the funds to close

If Roshe Shoes For Girls Blue a line of Nike Roshe Womens Atomic Pink

´╗┐How to Verify Proof of Funds

Roshe Shoes For Girls Blue

Roshe Shoes For Girls Blue

What would happen if you accept a non refundable deposit down for your contract, the buyer provides proof of funds (perhaps bank line or hard money). You call the company issuing the line of credit and they say its no good.

If Cash: just a bank statement will suffice

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Roshe Shoes For Girls Blue

with non refundable earnest money tied up on a house they can't even close on. To clarify then, you need to verify the PoF first before you assign the contract and accept any non refundable deposit, is that correct?

Here is what I mean, if you got a house under contract today September 3rd and were set to close September 10th. Lets say you got a buyer on board, and he gives you a non refundable deposit and fills out the assignment of contract September 6th. You take the nonrefundable deposit over to the title company and then lets say its a bank line you call to verify PoF. You call the bank contact and find out, in fact, the buyer does not have the funds. Now you have a contract Orange Nike Roshes

Roshe Shoes For Girls Blue

What if you are in the field, how do you verify proof of funds, and its a buyer you haven't don't business with. Do you Nike Roshe Slip On Womens Black

Once your buyer gives you their Non Refundable EMD and can't close, they forfeit their EMD. Anytime I'm dealing with a HML or buyer that I'm not familiar with or have no relationship with then I will call lender and verify they are doing deal. Time is of the essence to get deal to closing table.

Roshe Shoes For Girls Blue

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