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´╗┐Hudson widow questions whether more Nike Roshe Run Black Womens

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Susan Mead, outreach director for the Greater Nashua Mental Health Center, has been training police officers around the region for several years. Mead works with officers in Hudson and seven other communities to help them recognize signs of mental illness.

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signs and get help.

"What I would say about Matthew was he was a very likable guy," Olson said. "I never came across anybody who didn't like him."

One day in late April, Janet Banks decided to leave for a few days and stay at a friend's house. She asked her husband to call his personal physician for help, but he brushed off the suggestion.

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Roshes Mens Black And White

Janet Banks has seen the process firsthand. While she was working in the emergency room at St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua, Banks says police frequently brought in patients who were suffering from mental health problems.

"The thing with Matt and I was he was my best friend, and if I fell and couldn't get up, he would hold me up," Banks said. "We did it for one another. We were a pair."

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in Cambridge, Mass., and raised in Billerica, Mass., where he once had a spot on the high school wrestling team.

He took skydiving lessons and worked a variety of jobs, including stints as a plasterer, Walmart employee and New Hampshire granite quarry worker. He was working most recently as a maintenance employee at a nursing home in Hudson.

But Janet Banks isn't asking for silence, and she said their lack of answers isn't paying any respect to her dead husband. She wants Matthew's story to be told so that others might get help in the future.

Neighbors also began to worry about Matthew's well being. On April 29, a neighbor spotted a flexible vacuum hose attached to the exhaust pipe of his Ford Explorer. The woman, who asked not to be identified, said she detached the hose and threw it in the garbage to prevent her child from seeing it.

"At that point, it was a clear attempted suicide," the neighbor said.

Banks believes her husband's death could have been prevented if police had reached out for professional help when they arrested him earlier this year.

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She advised her boyfriend, who called police about 90 minutes later when he heard Matthew Banks get inside the car and start the engine.

At a time when mental health services have diminished in New Hampshire, police are increasingly on the front lines of suicide prevention.

"It could have been prevented," she said. "I don't know if he might have done it three months, eight months from now, but he wouldn't have done it that night because he would have been in the hospital."

With the hose still attached, Matthew Banks drove his vehicle away from his home, then returned a few minutes later, according to written testimony from the neighbor.

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They had a civil ceremony, with a roast beef dinner for their honeymoon.

Matthew Banks, a slender 51 year old man, was born Roshe Run Oreo

But Banks has grown determined to tell her husband's story, hoping to understand why Matthew Banks wound up in handcuffs rather than a hospital bed after an apparent suicide attempt.

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Matthew's half sister, Lee Olson, remembers that he had a quick wit and great sense of humor, and liked to keep himself busy.

could have been done by police before husband took his

"Why didn't the police just take him to the hospital?" she asked, holding back tears. "Why didn't they just take him to the hospital and let them deal with it?"

Hudson police have declined to discuss what took place when Matthew Banks was arrested in April. The department is keeping quiet out of respect for Matthew Banks and his family, they said.

Mental health experts in the state are trying to fill the gap by teaching police officers to recognize warning Nike Roshe Run Flower Print

Roshes Mens Black And White

"If someone's suicidal, you want to bring them in Roshes Mens Black And White and have them assessed," Mead said.

Janet Banks met her husband at a restaurant named Captain John's in Lowell, Mass. They both liked to drink and play pool, and they dated off and on for a year before getting married on June 1, 1991.

Matthew Banks was never diagnosed with depression, but his wife said alcohol was his demon. In the week before his death, Matthew had been drinking heavily, and he seemed to be spending more time alone. His eating also slowed down, and he didn't seem to be laughing as much.

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