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anigbrowl 806 days ago link

Only easy because they are traditionally taught first. This is because from a music theory standpoint the keys in which those chords are tonic have the least number of sharps and flats. From a memory and hand position standpoint chords that have a black key in the middle (D maj. E maj. etc) are the easiest.

white keys on the piano. In contrast, G major / E minor is probably the easiest key to play in on guitar (containing G, C, D, Em and Am), and it comes in second place.

colomon 806 days ago link

HTryan 806 days ago link

Roshes Run Mens

each section of each song to C without saying so, modulation is still an issue. For instance (though I greatly doubt it's on their list) Jethro Tull's "The Whistler" has one key for the verse, a different one for the chorus, and yet another for the whistle solo.

Em is probably the very simplest guitar chord to play, only needing 2 fingers beside each other. Yet it doesn't come in at the top of the list. So I don't think your explanation is the dominant force here.

Roshes Run Mens

zellyn 806 days ago link

Roshes Run Mens

Roshes Run Mens

The grandparent is talking about modulation within a song. Unless they normalized Roshe Run Mint Green

Roshes Run Mens

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Roshes Run Mens

UrLicht 806 days ago link

Roshes Run Mens

Doesn't he allow for this by normalising all songs to the key of C before doing the analysis?

I analyzed the chords to 1300 popular songs for patterns

Right, all of the songs were normalized Roshes Run Mens to C, which exactly the point. It's also easy to switch between the first C, Am, and G chord, you can even do it quickly and repeatedly while drunk as you Roshe Run Nike Oreo

can imagine many pop songs are written. The first F chord requires a little more careful finger placement but still easy to get too. (C major and A minor are relative keys they contains the same notes, just with a different note emphasized as the root, or tonic.) They're the two keys that are made up of just playing the Nike Roshe Women Grey And White

Roshes Run Mens

OTOH, in the following progression the same A is the subdominant of E: E A B E.

From a memory and hand position standpoint chords that have a black key in the middle (D maj. E maj. You can move around the chords on the white keys without changing your hand shape and everything will sound harmonically related and therefore in key, plus it's easier to count on the white keys. I've been playing music as an adult for 15 years (and had 5 or 6 years of piano lessons as a kid), I know a great deal of music theory and am familiar with a wide variety of scales, modes, and alternate tuning systems, and I still find it easier to move around on the white keys. Instead, what the article is saying is that the I, IV, V chords are the three most common (as one would expect from basic music theory). In the key of C, these are C, F, and G, so that is how it is presented.

Nice post, I'm looking forward for the next one. For instance, in the following progression in C major, A major functions as a dominant of D (D is the dominant of G and G is the dominant of C): C A D G C.

IMHO C major / A minor, C scales, etc. start out easier, but don't necessarily stay that way: sometimes it's nice to have a couple of black notes in there as a reference point. Especially if you aren't looking at the keyboard.

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