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The people have spoken, now get moving on removing the HST sooner than the March 31, 2013 deadline announced by Finance Minister Kevin Falcon on Friday.

Uncertainty will grow in the economy as people delay purchases, Bell added.

She's trying to maintain her prices while costs of flour, fish and cooking oil all increase and hopes that reverting to the old system will give restaurants a break.

She wants the old PST/GST regime to be returned exactly the way it was before the HST was implemented July 1, 2010.

With a 12 per cent HST charged on restaurant meals (compared to only five per Nike Roshes Men Black And White

"The honorable thing to do is to act on this as quickly and enough of this, the people Roshe Run Size 5.5

She said when the HST first came in July 2010, that her sales dropped almost 25 per cent.

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have always been clear that, as the independent panel found, dismantling

have spoken."

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Bell said waiting until 2013 is a stalling tactic done to appease big business and said Fight HST will be pushing to have the change done before that.

"They put it in as quickly as they did, they can take it out as fast as they did," said Corisa Bell, who led the local FightHST campaign in Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows.

´╗┐HST fighter elated over referendum results

At Austin Fish and Chips in Valley Fair Mall, Evelyn Ching also would like to see the process speeded up and wonders what will happen if an election happens in the meantime. government implemented the HST within two or three months, she said. Now it's said it will take two or three years. "It's not quite fair for us."

Since then, she's coaxed customers back with specials and promotions but "it's still choking our neck."

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The Harmonized Sales Tax went to down to solid defeat Friday as 55 per cent of the 1.6 million British Columbians who voted in the mail in referendum voted yes, saying they wanted to extinguish the HST and return to the provincial sales tax and federal, goods and service Roshes Run Nike tax. wide vote.

Bell said she wasn't surprised by the results. "I'm happy with the result. It's a good margin to win by."

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to buy a used car but wants to wait until the HST is cancelled so she'll only have to pay the seven per cent PST.

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"We will work as quickly as we responsibly can to return to the PST. We

Roshes Run Nike

She wants Roshe Run Kids Girls

Falcon though said in a Friday news release he'd do just that.

Roshes Run Nike

At first, she thought the Yes side, for extinguishing the HST, would win by a landslide, but then when the government launched its campaign, the result became less certain.

cent GST previously) people were paying up to quarter of their bill in taxes and tips.

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