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Roshes Womens

'I actually thought I was going to die'

She said Blackmore choked her several times.

The second woman's allegations against Blackmore were more serious than the first woman's.

Roshes Womens

Roshes Womens

"I felt I was, you know, losing consciousness."

She said the incident broke blood vessels in her eyes and left her with a sore neck.

Roshes Womens

Roshes Womens

Roshes Womens

She was calm for most of her testimony, but got emotional when she spoke of one particular incident when, she said, Blackmore choked her with more force than usual.

"I could feel the pressure in my head. I was trying to gasp for air. I really felt at that point I was going to pass out. I really felt my head was going to explode.


The offences are said to have happened over a Nike Roshe Run Men Style

"It was his favourite thing to do," she said under direct questioning Nike Roshe Run Grey Wolf

"He grabbed me by the throat," she said, pausing for a minute to regain her composure.

Roshes Womens

number of years in a number of communities, including Gander, George's Brook, Wesleyville and Carbonear. Blackmore, 40, is not on active duty and was released shortly after his arrest.

Roshes Womens

The woman is the second of two who took the stand to tell how Blackmore, an RCMP officer, assaulted her. On Roshes Womens Wednesday, a younger woman testified that Blackmore pushed her with such force, he drove her across the room.

Blackmore is charged with 10 counts, including six counts of assault, two counts of sexual assault and single counts of assault with a weapon (a knife) and careless use of a Roshe Run Gold

She said when he saw the panicked look in her face, he suddenly stopped and walked away.

Roshes Womens

Roshes Womens

The woman said that on another occasion, Blackmore grabbed her face and squeezed so hard, it left marks. He also grabbed her and threw her to the floor, she said, and, at another time, tried to smother her with a pillow.

Roshes Womens

by Crown prosecutor Jeff Summers.

Roshes Womens

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