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Then in October Michelle said Hunter started to act differently. His family, along with people at school, noticed changes in him. He wasn't as talkative as usual, his grades slipped, and he was forgetting things.

He explained, "A concussion is an injury to the brain. More specifically it's when the nerve cells that make up the brain get stretched and the walls of those cells get injured."

Drawing is just about all the 14 year old high school freshman can do right now. He can't play video games, watch TV, or use his cell phone said his mom, Michelle Hensley Shelton. He can't even go to school.

Michelle hopes other parents learn from their experience.

"We learned one of the first things we probably should have Nike Roshe Run Triple Black

"A concussion can be a lot of things. For most people they'll have a headache. They may feel dizzy or groggy or foggy is a word a lot of people will use and they just don't feel well after a concussion," said Dr. Corey.

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Women Nike Roshe Pink

was knocked out for a few seconds in practice.

Hunter got checked out at the hospital and while he didn't go back to practice for a few weeks, he did go back to school the next day.

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Rockingham County, NC Hunter Hensley has gotten used to drawing.

Michelle said it's all because Hunter Women Nike Roshe Pink is recovering from concussions.

"He brought a couple papers home from school and he had misspelled his last name, which, a ninth grader don't usually do that," she added.

Hunter said, "I really feel different because I feel like I'm here sometimes but then in my head I'm not. Like I'm here all the time but in my head I'm not. Yeah, it's real scary."

"I usually just do pencils," he said. "Sometimes I'll draw a house and mountains and all or I'll draw my favorite team sign."

"More people need to be aware of what to look for in their kids. If you notice something different for a couple days, the quicker you notice it and get him to the doctor the better off," she said.

"He can listen to some soft music," she said.

"I could have died. It's a very scary experience," said Hunter.

He hasn't been in school for a month while his brain heals.

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´╗┐Hunter Hensley Out Of School While Recovering From Concussions

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"It was a pretty hard impact he took. He come down on his shoulder and he kind of went up and messed with his neck," she said.

"Definitely two but the doctors at Baptist say that it could have been three or four," said Michelle.

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"It just basically says that his progress will depend on how well he tolerates the stress. He will benefit from homebound school instruction in the near future," Michelle said as she read a letter from the doctor to the school.

She said Hunter is improving and she expects him to be 100% eventually.

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Women Nike Roshe Pink

Women Nike Roshe Pink

"Lost his cell phone. He loves to text. He wasn't even concerned about finding it," said Michelle.

Hunter said, "I like football but it's not worth it if it's going to ruin my life."

He also said, "If you're playing flag football with your buddies and you hit heads and you get knocked out and you wake up and you're not acting right, I think it's really important Roshe Run Safari

for you or your friends to take you to the emergency room in that case. If you just feel a little weird after hitting your head or falling to the ground hitting your head, it may make sense to go see your doctor in a day or two, especially if you're not getting back to your normal self."

Michelle said they happened while Hunter was playing JV football. The first happened in August when Hunter Nike Roshe Run Ebay

Women Nike Roshe Pink

News 2 spoke with Dr. Evan Corey with Cone Health Family Practice, who does not treat Hunter, to answer some questions about concussions.

done with his first concussion is not only keep him away from athletics for a few weeks, but his brain needed time to heal from schoolwork, as well," said Michelle.

Hunter eventually started to see a doctor that is working with him toward recovery. Michelle said they are working with the concussion clinic at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

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